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Finals week!!

Get excited all you higher learners!!! We're almost to the finish line of the semester! It's a terrible time for pregnancy brain to be kicking in. DH says if I can finish my last online final on Friday he's taking me on a date! With no margaritas in site, what are you doing to celebrate finishing finals?

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Re: Finals week!!

  • I teach high school and their finals are after the Christmas break.... I so wish they were sooner and I could be done with this "lovely" bunch of kids I have this semester!
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  • By Friday I will have finished my marathon week of finals (5 exams in 5 days) and hoping that I have enough energy to celebrate with my classmates on Friday night (and a movie with the hubby)! Luckily the benefits of increased energy associated with 2nd trimester has served me well, as I'm sleeping about 3 1/2-4 hours per night and slept at school for the last 2 nights. My DH is beyond understanding, so I'll probably reward him with a nice home cooked meal, clean house, and fresh laundry! Time to turn from student mode to wife role.
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  • My last final is in 2 hours, then I'm done for the quarter (since my school is lame and is still on the quarter system)! Only 1 more quarter of classes until rotations/baby break! YEAH! Totally not gonna lie, I'm really winging this one. It's a practical final, but the two parts of it I've rocked in the past, so I'm really not worried...unless I get Dr. C for my lit eval, that would be bad since I was too lazy to index my article...
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  • We have finals next week but We are headed to Vegas this afternoon:)  I am very excited:)  I need to do some studying but I am stoked to see my family. 
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