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Kindle or Nook?

Does anyone have either of these? I love having the actual book to read, but I don't read near as much as I want to but I think I would if I could just download a book in a matter of seconds.

I don't want to spend more than $160 so the Color Nook is out. If you have a Kindle or Nook, what are your pros and cons? TIA!

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Re: Kindle or Nook?

  • If you can afford it, I prefer the iPad. You can get the Nook and Kindle apps for it, plus you have the iBook app, so you have much more book choices. From what I've played with (and seen with the libraries through iPad apps), Kindle seems to have more books at slightly lower prices than Nook. And I liked the Kindle, probably would of have gotten one if DH hadn't gotten an I just swipe that when I wanna read something :)
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  • My hubby got me the pandigital 7" reader for Xmas. I don't get to use it til after Xmas but we researched them all. It was about $160 full holiday led screen and it is partnered with Barnes and noble so that's the books u download, same as the nook. The other nice thing is u can go on the internet with it instead of just downloading books. It's operating system is Android so same as the droid phones. I hope it is as good as it sounds. The only problem with the color screens is its hard on ur eyes to read for long periods of time its just like staring at a computer screen. The pandigital is available at best buy and kmart so u should check it out.
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  • I have a Kindle 2 (got it for Christmas last year).  I love it!  One of the best gifts my husband has ever given me.  There are lots of free books, mostly classics.  Most paperbacks are about the same - $4-8.  New hardback books are about $10-15.  The screen is fabulous.  I love that I can read it for hours without eye fatigue.  And read it in direct sunlight too.

    Hope that helps... 

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  • I got a Kindle over the summer and I love it!!  I read all the time and use it constantly.  I have been really happy with it, personally.
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  • I highly recommend a Nook.  With a Nook you can access the internet to download books, you can download free books from Google, or check out e-books from your local library (first downloaded to your computer then to the Nook).  Our research showed that the Kindle cannot do that, and you can only download books from Amazon.  Also Barnes and Noble's customer service is GREAT.  They sent us a brand new Nook after ours had a mysterious line show up in the screen that obscured the text.  

     I wouldn't recommend an iPad for heavy reading.  The backlit screen can be hard on your eyes.  With either the Nook or Kindle, you will need an outside light (book light, lamp, sunlight) to read.  Also with an iPad or computer-type screen, you really can't use it outside because of glare.  The Color Nook will be backlit, though.  

  • I just answered an email for a friend who is buying one for his wife.  They, like us, are boaters... so there are a lot of referenced to reading on the boat... but the same would apply for outdoors anywhere.  I had the B&W Nook, returned it and got the Kindle 3.


    Here's the cut & paste of my reponse to him:


    I have the kindle, gen 3 with 3G.

     Web access is OK.  It works, it's black & white... no FLASH... but you can shop online via amazon, check email, check and update facebook pretty well if you have patience.  The older nook will also allow you to do the same...  but it's even slower.  And only $10 cheaper.  And the battery life is worse... 

    If I were to buy one today, I would still stick with the Kindle...especially for boat use.  My reasons are:
    1) reading in bright light:  The E-Ink is made for this.  No eye strain, no backlight, reads just like a book in bright light.  Also like a book, you need a book light for the dark.
    2) Battery!  I can't emphasize this one enough.  The battery can last almost a month if you aren't connected to wifi or 3G.  When connected it still lasts for about a week.  The Nook.. well... when I had the black and white one it lasted a couple days. I could only guess that the backlit color screen will chew through batteries even worse.  Actually... a little research shows it only lasts 8 hrs.  AND.. Nook color does not work on 3G... so basically it's out of the running for boat use (unless you have your own wifi broadcaster).

    As for boat use... they both can fit into a quart or gallon zip-lok bag and they are fairly safe... or you can spend more and buy waterproof cases.  Kindle is international.. I think the Nook is US only.  The big benefit here is that when you finish a book, if you are in 3G range, all you do is connect and order the next book you want to read.   Another benefit is that you don't need a place to store your already read books.  There's also some games...  scrabble, sanduku, etc.  A downside is lending to others...  but if you log into someone else's account you can download anything they bought... so there are work arounds if you trust eachother ;-).  I think Amazan is introducing a feature (like Nook) that will allow Kindle 3 owners to lend books, 1 time for 2 weeks to another Kindle 3 owner.

    I thought this article explained the benefits of each the Nook Color and the Kindle 3 well.

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  • I'm pretty much in love with my nook. I love free book fridays!! :) Thats my vote...but I've never did much with the kindle.
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  • I would recommend spending some time looking at the libraries for each one. Depending on the type of books you want to read, your choice may change. I want to be able to read fiction and nonfiction so the Kindle made the most sense for me-they have a bigger variety of titles than the Nook or the B&N version based on my interests.
  • I have a nook and I'd recommend it a TON.  I went with it, ultimately, because I can use it to download books from my library, whereas the Kindle can't.  Other than that, they're honestly pretty interchangeable.

    I would not go for an iPad or  for an e-reader, though -- one of the things I love about the nook/Kindle is that the e-ink screen isn't backlit, which makes it much, much easier on your eyes for long-term reading.


  • I liked my kindle a lot. Then i got an Ipad and i never touch it anymore.

    The benefit of getting an ipad rather than a kindle OR nook is that you're not locked into a single book format. I have the free kindle and free nook reader apps on my ipad.

    I realize ipads are very expensive, but you're really not saving a dime by buying electronic books. They literally cost the same or are within a dollar or so of paperback.

    That said, if you really prefer to have a book in hand, keep buying books for now, save up and get the little more expensive reader that gives you more flexability.




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  • Thanks for the responses! Just when I think I'm lenaing one way, something changes my mind :)

    I don't need an iPad so that's not even a consideration. I just want a simple reader that performs well and is easy on the eyes. A lot of my friends have Kindles and they share by logging into eachother's accounts so that's why I was leaning that way. Plus target sells tham and I have Target gift cards :)

    Thanks again for all the opinions! They do help! 

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  • Kindle 3! Got it for my birthday and LOVE it!! I dont know much about the Nook, but my friend has an iPad and there's no way I could stare at that to read.....especially after staring at a computer all day. If you have gift cards, go that way!!
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  • I'm an April mom...hope you don't mind my short intrusion.

    The Nook now comes in color, which is great for children's books. That was my swaying vote!

  • I have a Nook and I highly suggest it. it's easy to use, I like having access to the internet to download books. I also really like the controls. 

    If you can, go to Best Buy or Target so you can check out both of them. I can't remember if Best Buy sells the Kindle but I know they have the Nook and I think Target has the Kindle. After fooling around with both of them in store I decided the Nook was a better choice for me. I could be wrong on this but I seem to remember the Nook having a larger screen. The Kindle also has that keyboard type thing which I didn't like, but it might work for some people.

    Oh and if you have a Nook and go to B&N they will often send coupons directly to your Nook for the cafe while your there and you can download free books.  

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