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PIH -> Induced -> Failure to Progress -> C/S

That was round one, DS.  Is there anyone who has gone through a similar pattern ending in c/s and then been able to have a successful VBAC?  I have already had two pro-VBAC docs (although they don't actually DO VBACs) tell me that even if I find a Dr. willing to consider a VBAC it would likely result in a failure. 

I've been seeing a chiropractor who has really done some great work on my body.  I'm wondering if I could better manage (prevent) PIH this pregnancy - not to mention the size of my baby (DS was 8lbs, 13oz - very big for a petite person like me.)  Anyhow, I welcome any ideas/advice.  Thanks!

Re: PIH -> Induced -> Failure to Progress -> C/S

  • I had similar round 1 with same size baby, and I am NOT petite :)

    I'd also like to hear what others have to say, so I'm piggybacking.

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  • I had this, but with a twist.  PIH, induced for 3 days, bp and proteins went down enough to go home, went into labor on my own 2 days later and then FTP.  How far along were you when you got induced?  What kind of symptoms did you have for PIH? 

    I switched providers at 24 weeks, but both midwife groups say I am the perfect candidate for a VBAC, so it sounds like those OBs aren't really pro-VBAC. 

    Keep your weight gain within reason, exercise (although I did this a ton last time), get enough protein and then the other recommendations I've had were to take calcium and alfafa supplements (haven't done either yet). 

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  • That was my pattern for #1.... except my PIH was borderline, not sure how bad yours was.

    And I had a successful vbac. Smile

    But with #2, I did NOT have PIH, my bp readings were good the whole pg. No idea why or how. With my first, I did weigh more when I got pg (225) and gained 12lbs during my pg. With my second I weighed 209 when I got pg and only gained 8lbs (I do not diet, I ate like a horse, my metabolism is just crazy good while pg).

    I did get GD with #2, so there was another strike against my vbac attempt, but it was managed by diet alone.

    In my case, my "failure to progress" was really "failure to adhere to the normal labor curve and failure to pick an OB with patience to wait it out". Because my labor stalled the 2nd time too... but we just kept going... and everything went well.


    - Jena
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