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labor experience being induced with pitocin

Both my babies are vertex (have been for 17 +/- weeks) and so I've asked to deliver vaginally assuming they stay that way. I also asked to go into labor on my own because I am afraid to be induced.

I know that if I get to 37 weeks they'll talk about an induction - I'm afraid of pitocin because I've read horror stories about not being able to get in front of the contractions, and that a lot of inductions end up as emergency c/s's.

If you were induced with pitocin, do you mind sharing your experience? 

Re: labor experience being induced with pitocin

  • I was induced with pitocin and labor didn't go into labor at all.  I ended up with a c-section, but it wasn't an emergency. 
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  • I was induced with pit. I was 38 wks 2 days and already maybe 3 cm dilated / 80% effaced. I had no problems - definitely need to get an epidural b/c the contractions do hurt more!
  • 1. Pit contractions are a biitch.  I don't say this to scare you, but because I feel like being prepared for it will help you deal with it.  Mine were tolerable for a while, but then got worse and worse, and were ridiculously strong and one right after another for a good 30 minutes during the transition stage.  Couple that with back labor from hell and a failed epi and I'm not going to lie, I kind of wanted to die.  BUT, I survived, and you will too if it comes to that. 

    2. I did end up with an emergency c-section, but it wasn't because of the "typical" failure to progress or anything like that.  The induction itself was a success (probably because I was already in "active labor" that wasn't really doing much on its own), it was DS's cord being clamped off by DD as she took her sweet time moving down the birth canal that messed everything up.  Because of how they were positioned, it almost certainly would have happened if I had labored without pitocin as well.  One of those freak accident things I guess.   

  • If your body has naturally made progress already at that point, another option could be just breaking your water instead.  I did get some pitocin during labor with our twins, but it didn't really do much.  Once I got my water broken, labor started pretty quickly.  I was induced with my 40+ week sons by just breaking my water.  You would just want to make sure that you're already progressing, because there's no turning back once your water is broken!
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  • I was induced at 34w5d due to pre-e and was not anywhere close to going into labor on my own at that point. I had a really good experience. The pitocin was started at 3AM, baby A's water was broken at 7AM and I progressed well throughout the day. I was feeling strong contractions, but not in the type of pain that I had expected. At 4PM I was 6-7cm and recieved an epidural. At 5PM I was ready to practice push and my babies were born at 5:30 and 5:31!

    I feel really lucky it went so well for me. Being induced doesn't necessarily mean you'll have a bad experience!

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  • I was induced with pitocin for our son.  I had a great experience.  My entire birth story is in my bio.
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  • My water broke on its own at 37w3d, but I wasn't having much in terms of contractions so they gave me pitocin.  I labored for 24 hours and made it to 9cm.  Doctor didn't want to wait longer than that so I ended up with a c-section.
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  • I was induced with pitocin.  They gave me cervidil first - which started my contractions, then when they gave me my epidural the contractions stopped.  The pitocin started them again and I had a WONDERFUL labor experience.  I went in to be induced at 8:00pm on Tuesday and the twins were born Wednesday at 10:00pm via c-section (contractions started at 4am Weds).

    Regardless of if I was induced or not I would have had a c-section (my ob said I couldn't physically dialate past 7cm).  My C/S was easy and recovery was no biggie. 

    I LOVED my labor experience, I got to have contractions and feel like I was in labor without having horrible pain (I was not all about doing it without drugs)  and I don't regret the c/s at all.

  • I was induced at 38w2d, started pitocin at 9AM, epidural at 11AM, then he broke my water (for baby A) right after epi.  Babies were born at 5.5hrs later. I had no progress for about 5 hrs (stuck at 4cm), then went straight to 10cm.

    I also had pitocin w/ singleton so I don't know any different.  It's not something I'd worry about.  I'd do it all over again.



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  • I was induced with pitocin at 36 weeks b/c of GD.  It took quite a bit longer than I thought it would b/c I went in already 3cm dialated. Once I was finally at 6cm I was in pretty horrible back labor.  I did get an epi so that helped.  I did not get a c-section.  GL.
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  • I was induced with Cervadil and Pitocin at 37w5d. My cervix was still long, closed and not softening at all. The Cervadil did next to nothing but did dilate me enough so my OB could break my water. Pit started after that. I had my epidural 3 hours later at 5 cm. I had always planned to have an epidural anyway. My labour lasted 10 hours and I pushed for 1.5. Both twins required forceps because their heads ended up being transverse but I only had very minor tearing. My induction/epidural/labour and birth were all very positive experiences. I wouldn't have changed a thing. Not all inductions turn into horrible labored with tons of complications/interventions or emergency sections. I hope your L&D goes smoothly! Good luck!
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  • I had a great induction experience.  I was induced at 38 weeks - my choice, OB said I could wait longer for labor to come but I didn't want to wait anymore.   I had progressed enough that she couldn't believe I didn't go on my own.  

    I started pitocin around 9am, and felt mild contractions through the morning. OB broke my water at 1:30pm, got my epidural at 2:00pm, and never had anything worse than contractions that felt like bad period cramps.   (I've been in regular labor before and know what agonizing contractions feel like.)  When I was ready to push, it took less than 10 minutes to get both babies out.   Compared to the labor and delivery of my first daughter, it was easy and I felt like I cheated!

  • I was also induced w/ pitocin and had an easy labor & delivery. I wasn't bothered by the contractions until transition when I got an epi. My epi was perfect and an hour later both babies were born. The only part of the experience that bothered me was that I was only 35w1d.
  • I was induced at 37w, 5d due to high blood pressure and low fluid around baby b. When pitocin was started I was already 3cm dilated. After 24 hours on pitocin I was only dilated to 5cm. We decided to do the c-section at that point due to my rising blood pressure and lack of progress. Babies were born 45 minutes later and the recovery wasn't bad at all. GL to you!
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  • I was induced at 36w6d due to borderline pre-e. Mag Sulfate and Pitocin were started at 7pm, I labored through the night and baby A's water was broken at 9am the next morning, I was only 2-3cm. I got my epi around 9:30am. 12 hours later I was in excruciating pain, they checked me and I was almost completely dilated but couldn't take the pain anymore. They 'topped off' my epi and I started feeling funny - got a metallic taste in my mouth and felt extremely light-headed. They took my BP and it was 70/40! I remember drifting in and out of consciousness at which point my doctor told DH there was no way I'd be able to pull out of it and actually have the strength or energy to push (turns out I didn't end up being 100% coherent until the following morning...) 30 minutes later I was in the OR getting a c-section. I have no idea what happened, but think it was a combination of the mag and the epi. Less than ideal induction experience, but I had a great recovery from my c-section and would definitely have another if given the choice.

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  • Look at you!  You're just about there!!! Awesome!

    Mine isn't a pretty story.  I was induced with Emerson and when I got the epi my blood pressure went way down.  When it went down, Emerson's h/r went into the 60's and they took her via emergency section.  From the pain I was in, it really was a blessing.  I had one long contraction, without any relief, for almost two hours right after the broke my water.

    My suggestion to you is to ask for the epi as soon as they break your water.  That's really when the unbearable pain starts and it comes fast and furious.  I know several women on the baby boards my first time around said the same thing-ask for the epi when the break your water. 

    Also, when they give a mom the epi her blood pressure tends to shoot up or down and the baby's will do the same...something I didn't know.

    I know there are tons of people with good induction stories though don't let my experience scare you.

    GL hon!!!! 




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  • image ougrad1:

    My suggestion to you is to ask for the epi as soon as they break your water.  That's really when the unbearable pain starts and it comes fast and furious.  I know several women on the baby boards my first time around said the same thing-ask for the epi when the break your water. 

    Also, when they give a mom the epi her blood pressure tends to shoot up or down and the baby's will do the same...something I didn't know.

    Hey momma! I'm excited and SOOOO ready. The babies aren't (obvs) but man the last stretch is tough!

    Thanks for these tips. My OB said to get the epi at 4-5cm, but I seriously have no idea when that is...they won't let me deliver without one just in case Baby B flips breech.

    I'm nervous as heck, but very excited. 

  • I was induced had a non-emergency c-section for FTP. I didn't have pain meds until my c-section and the contractions were not too bad, but I never transitioned.

    I was induced at 39w 6d, so I didn't have any choices, other than to go straight to the c-section. I would be induced again if necessary.  Being induced wasn't bad for me, just pointless.

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  • I had a nearly picture perfect vaginal delivery w/pit induction.

    They started my epidural as soon as I was admitted (within 10 minutes of starting pit) and I didn't feel a THING (other than some pressure) until later that day after I'd given birth and the epi wore off. 

    The doc had to tell me when to push because I had no idea when I was contracting, and my babies came out one minute apart. It was a dream :)

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