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Hello Maine Mommas!

I have been looking for a Maine board and am so glad to have found this one.  I am a new mom to a 2 week old girl.  I am so smitten with her!  BUT I never knew tiredness like I know it now :)  I am trying to cope with that, get her used to sleeping at night, because right now she's got her daytime confused with her nighttime.  All in all though, she's so worth it.

I'd love to meet some Maine mommas on here, hope to hear from you soon!


Re: Hello Maine Mommas!

  • sooo happy to find other mammas from maine! i had a miscairage beginning of november.. fortunatly i was pregnant again within 2 weeks, now im about 6 weeks along and very excited! :)
  • Hello! 

    I'm a mom of 4 with number 5 on the way. Glad to see maine on here. I've looked a lot of other places and they don't even include maine. Congrats to you all! 

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  • Hi! I am a first time Maine mom-to-be! I have been looking for prenatal exercise classes in the Bangor Area but I am unsuccessful.
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