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good news on the VBAC front today

after my crappy experience with the DO at my last appointment, I saw my doc today and he said all was looking good! His big concerns are 1) that this baby will have cranio too and therefore make a vaginal delivery much harder (and will necessitate a surgery for this baby too :(  and 2) that this baby will be giant like Kate was (9.5 pounds at 42 weeks delivered).

He managed to get my insurance to cover a cranio-facial u/s in 2 weeks (they were adament that they wouldn't cover it when I talked to them) so I can see about the cranio (if baby has it, I'll schedule a c-section) and he's estimating (based on his feeling the baby, which I know isn't accurate but was pretty spot on last time) a smaller baby, only 3.5ish pounds right now.

Plus, he did assuage some of my fears about being constantly monitored (he said I can move around as long as I get an IV port put it, they didn't have to attach it and I can walk until I'm in active labor or until I get the epi), that they would allow me to labor and push standing, squatting, sitting, or whatever (not true last time...I was on my back for about 40 of the 55 hours of labor) and that, if I do need a c-section, they can leave my arms free so I can hold the baby while they stitch me up and that I will have the baby in my room within the hour after the c-section so I can nurse.

I feel so relieved! My first birth was such a hard experience for me and I felt like I wasn't a part of any of the decisions that were being made, so I am so happy to have found this OB!  If this birth ends in c-section, I already feel ok about it.

Hoping all of this means a successful, easy VBAC though ;)

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Re: good news on the VBAC front today

  • That's great!  It must feel awesome to be working with a proactive doc that understands your concerns.
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  • That's great news!  Let us know how the u/s goes.  It sounds like you have good options and great support whether you end up laboring or scheduling a c/s.  :)

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  • Sounds great.  Looking forward to hearing about your u/s.
  • Thats wonderful. It really sounds like you have a great OB.
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  • Yay! Now make sure you get it in writing, and that you have a copy to take with you.
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  • Yay for the great news.  It sounds like your Doc is on board with you, which is awesome.


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