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My Great VBAC experience!

My son was born on December 1st by VBAC and it was a better experience than I had anticipated.  My daughter didn't fully descend as her head was turned and after 12 hours of labor, an epidural, lots of monitoring, my high blood pressure, etc I had a c-section.  I was fine with the experience and happy to have her but the recovery was tough.  I was "off" for days, had trouble with milk production, and didn't feel that I bonded to her immediately.

 My doctor was happy to try a VBAC and I expected that my labor would go similarly to my daughter's, except that hopefully I wouldn't have a c-section.  I was very wrong!  My water broke at 12:45 am and my contractions immediately started very strong and close together.  I called my doctor, a neighbor came to watch my daughter, and we headed to the hospital.  My contractions were hard to talk through when I got to the hospital and when the doctor checked me I was 9.5 centimeters!

They got me into a room and almost immediately I felt the urge to push.  I pushed about 4-5 times and out he came at 2:10 am - less than 90 minutes after my water broke.  Everything happened so fast that at times I wasn't entirely sure what was going on, but it all went smoothly and was complication free.

I had certainly planned on getting some pain medicine (and wish I had) but it was a great experience.  My recovery is 10 times easier!  I'm just taking Tylenol for the pain (2nd degree tear) and it's much easier to move around.  My milk is in and we're breastfeeding well.  I feel much closer to my baby, I think because I was more alert and aware after he was born.

I wish you all a great VBAC experience!

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  • Congratulations!  Can I ask what your due date was?  Did you have any progress at your last OB appt?

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    Patiently waiting for little brother!



  • What a wonderful vbac story.  Congratulations on your son!
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  • Congratulations - it sounds like a wonderful experience.  So happy to hear your recovery is going better with your VBAC!
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  • My due date was12/3 and on 11/29 I was 3cm dialated and 80% effaced.  I was ready to go!


  • WOW!!  That is so awesome!  I had a similar experience as you did with your c/s so it's so inspirational to know that two births are completely different!!
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  • How awesome (although scary b/c my hospital is an hour away)!  :)
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  • Congrats!!  Now that sounds like something I would like to sign up for!
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  • What a great story!  Congrats on your new baby!

    Can I ask how dilated you were when you had your c/s?  Had you tried pushing at all?  I had my c/s at 10 cm after pushing for a while and my baby was also malpositioned like your first one was, so I'm curious.

    Thanks for sharing your story :) 


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  • I am so praying to come in and be ready to push! Whether after 1.5 hours, or 12, I don't care! That sounds like the perfect experience!  Congrats!
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  • I got to 9 cm and the doctor said that I'd never get to 10 because her head couldn't come down far enough.  It sounded like BS to me, but my friend had the same doctor deliver her daughter and he saved her from a c-section by increasing her IV fluids to keep up the baby's amniotic fluid.  She really felt that he wanted to avoid a c-section, so I had confidence that he would have done the same for me if it had been possible.  However, that practice wouldn't try a VBAC so I found a new one.
  • Thats wonderful.

    I had a similar C experience with DD, so its also very encouraging to hear.

    Another question for you, did you go into labour or were you induced with #1 and how far along at the time?

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  • This is exactly how I want my VBAC to go :)  Thanks for the positive story!  And congratulations!!!
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  • imagelolonyo:
    WOW!!  That is so awesome!  I had a similar experience as you did with your c/s so it's so inspirational to know that two births are completely different!!

    This!!!  I'm hoping a VBAC for #2 after a very long labor with DS.  Congrats!

  • Um, wow! talk about 0-60!
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  • Great birth story!!!  I hope my next one goes this smooth (not quite as fast though!). :)

    I had a similiar birth experience with Hannah (didn't progress past 7cm).

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  • Congrats and thanks for the inspiration!

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  • Congratulations to you!!!  I had my VBAC on Dec. 2nd, so our LO's are very close together Smile  So happy to share in this moment with another Bumpie!

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