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I felt this warranted a separate post.

Your house looks amazing. Can I come live there? It just seems perfect - so cozy but with really fun, modern accents. Grady's room is so happy! 

I bet you got a crazy great response to the home tour, huh?

Nice work!

Now...are you guys for hire? I'm sure we can come up with a fair price to have you and Abe (and G-man) come live with us for a few weeks this summer so you can help us with our house and then take lots of pictures of Ella. We can pay in beer, too. ;-)

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Re: Jac.

  • imageNDwife07:

    It just seems perfect - so cozy but with really fun, modern accents.

    Ditto this exactly!!  I showed Jake the kitchen last night and we both oohed and awed over it for a long time.  When we move, I'm kidnapping you and taking you with us to decorate.

  • Y'all crack me up. I seriously never considered myself much of a decorator, though I do enjoy it, so your comments kill me :) I'd totally come hand out and try to help in any way I could!

    Lauren, I haven't seen much of your house so I don't really know your style/tastes. Kelley, you hush. Your house is adorable! Haha :)

    We are super duper proud of the house though. Love it. During the tour, people were asking so many questions, asking if we bought or DIYed the cabinets, talking about the floor, etc. I got so much satisfaction from the response - which totally makes me an AW but I think that's okay in this situation ;)
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