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My Waterbirth VBAC (and PIP)!

First off... I want to thank all of you ladies for coming together and requesting this board.  Iris, thank you for all of the advice you've provided on one topic or another since our LO's were born (baby boards, TTGP, Natural Birth, and now here on VBAC). 

Here's my birth story:

~ Regular contractions started 3-5 mins apart at 8:00am on Wednesday morning (I had my membranes stripped the day before at my 41 week appt).  Contractions continued to increase in intensity/pressure every 1-2 hours.

~ I called my doula to come over around 6pm, and she arrived around 8pm as requested.  My contractions at this point were still manageable, but there was so much pressure.  I was on the ball, in the shower, on hands and knees, standing... you name it.

~ We left for the hospital when my contractions became 2 mins apart because I felt it was a good time to leave.  My doula agreed and called the hospital midwife group.

~ At the hospital I was checked in and given the telemetry unit (so thankful for this!).  I was disappointed to find out that I was still 1-2cm and 80% effaced... same as the day before at my appt...  Continued to labor throughout the night (walking, squatting, ballet exercises, ball, etc).  Around 1am, the back pain started (apparently I had pulled/strained my lower back in early labor).  This would lead to a dose of Nubain to help me rest and slowing down my contractions considerably.

~ I was checked at 8am and was still only 2-3 cm and 85% effaced.  The midwife then began to suggest we pick things up with a small dose of Pitocin.  I asked for a couple more hours to try natural methods first.  Nothing worked, and I was beginning to feel defeated. 

~ I requested one more dose of Nubain due to the excrutiating pain in my back, so I might rest up for the upcoming Pitocin.  After just under two hours of sleep, I felt ready to win this VBAC.  The Pitocin drip was started and only increased up by two units in one hour.  I was checked and elated to find out I was almost 5cm and almost fully effaced!  I immediately requested the birthing pool be prepared. 

~ This took about 45 mins, so my amazing doula, nurse, and husband all three supported me through the horrific back pain and made sure to keep me moving between contractions.  I labored on the toilet, side-lying on the bed, hands and knees, and in the shower/tub.  At this point, I had decided to put all of my trust into my birth support team... since they all kept reassuring me I was handling everything wonderfully.  However, I just kept feeling so weak and vulnerable as I yelled/cried through each contraction.

~ When I got in the tub, I was about 6cm with only a lip of a cervix left.  The next four contractions were quiet.  It was just me, DH, and our doula with dim lighting and soft sounds/music.  I really focused on breathing the baby down during this time, as my contractions had decided to give me longer breaks for a bit.

~ Out of nowhere, my contractions took an unexpected intense turn... my body was pushing with incredible force and contractions were right on top of each other with little to no break in-between (maybe 5 seconds).  I was begging for an epidural at this point out of sheer panic!  I laugh about it now because I know that it must have sounded ridiculous to ask for an epidural while pushing during a contraction LOL!  I felt a pop (water breaking) at this point.  The water remained clear, so no meconium!

~ Then I had two pushes where I felt the baby's head coming down and out of my body. 

~ 31 hours of early labor to get to 4cm.  I went from 4cm to 10cm in 2 hours, 15 mins.  I pushed for 13 mins total.  My midwife was barely able to get her gloves on and hands in the water to catch LO's head!  No one could believe what had just occured and how fast I had progressed on such a small dose of Pitocin.  The tears shared with everyone were lovely. 

~ I had a few side-wall tears that were stitched, but my perineum remains fully intact Big Smile  DS was 8 lbs, 2 oz and 20 in long.  He is a breastfeeding champ!  DD seems to be in love with her baby brother.  Life is better than good!

Here's one of the dozens of great photos taken by my doula!  Again, ladies, thank you all for your advice, warm thoughts, and support.  My cup runneth over... 


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~Sweet Girl *8/18/08* c-section ~ Sweet Boy *12/2/10* VBAC ~ Sweet Boy *8/14/12* VBAC~ 


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