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The CPA exam

SUCKS!  Its so freaking hard!  I spend 4 hours a day at least on this crap and I have no idea if I will ever even work again and use it!  I take the first exam January 5, and I have no idea how I am going to pass it :( Its expensive to fail....

I just hope this stress is worth it in the end...

Sorry for the vent!

Re: The CPA exam

  • If you are determined to do it stick with it.  It is a lot of work but it is attainable.  I remember the days of studying and basically having no life outside of work off and on for a year but it's all worth it in the end.  Good Luck!
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  • Thank you for the words of encouragement.  :) It helps keep me less frustrated and a little motivated
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  • Yes it completely does suck!  The days (and nights) that I spent studying were horrible at the time, but it does pay off.  I was fortunate enough to pass the 4 sections on the first try and I honestly attribute it completely to lots and lots of hard work, and prayer :-). 

    Keep a positive attitude because especially at the beginning it can seem overwhelming, but it is possible.  And just think about how great it will be when you find out that you passed, and you NEVER have to do it again - one of the best feelings ever.

    Good for you for taking this on, especially while pregnant!  If you decide to go back to work eventually, having the license will help you in the job search immensely.  When I recently looked to get out of Public Accounting, most of the jobs that I looked at wouldn't even consider you if you didn't have a CPA.  Good luck with everything!

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  • I'm so impressed!  My Mom was an accountant for a large business when we were little and when I was in junior high decided to take a year off, take some classes and study.  She passed the exam in two attempts and has owned her own 600 client firm since then.   I remember how incredibly difficult it was and how hard she worked to pass it so good for you!!  I think its awesome that you are going to try and do it now before the baby.  Even if you just keep up your CEU's for a few years to keep your license active I don't think you'll ever regret it.  My parents always told us growing up that if you never compromise on love, your morals, or education you'll do just fine...good luck!!
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