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quick advice please

My water broke this morning at 4am, I went in and as of 10am was barely effaced, not at all dilated and baby was still high. The phrase they used was 'not favourable'. I wasn't contracting then. I've started since, roughly between 8 and 15 minutes in the past 2 hours.

They gave me 3 possibilities, considering my water has broken:

I turn up at 8am and have a prost pessary (increasing my odds of scar rupture and therefore c rash c/s to 1 in 100). 6 hours later I could get oxtocyin, which is what would actually start labour if not already.

I turn up at 8am (or earlier) and am favourable and they put me on an induction drip of oxytocin.

I turn up at 8am and am not favourable and opt for a r/c/s sometime during the day, as they can fit me in.

Baby girl will need to make an appearance roughly by 4am on Tuesday morning. I'm just really looking for thoughts - I'm having a hard time concentrating and thinking things thru. Based on my contractions I dont' think we'll be waiting until 8am, but I have no idea what to do about inductions as for 8 months I was told it wasn't possible...


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Re: quick advice please

  • There is a doc here that will augment VBACs, but he does it VERY SLOWLY. I think about 1/2 as fast as with non-VBACs. What I would concentrate on is natural ways to increase your contractions (you wouldn't be an induction since you ARE contracting. It would be augmenting). Nipple stim by hand or pump, walking, accupressure, maybe a trip to the accupuncturist.

    A good ol enema will do it, too!

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  • I would just look for more natural things to increase contrax as PP said.

    I will say I have a friend whose water broke at 4:30 am and she didn't start having contractions as all until 4:30 that night and she pushed her baby out at 10:30 that night (after 2 c/s even!)

    I have another friend whose water was broken for 3 days before she started contracting and she pushed her baby out too.

    Good labor things headed your way, mama!

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  • I don't really have any advice but good luck!  I will keep my fingers crossed for you for a successful vbac!

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