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? for anyone who has already had a VBAC

Good morning, ladies. I had to have a c/s with DD due to her being unexpectedly breech, and I am trying to do some research on having a VBAC versus scheduling another c/s since we plan on TTC again fairly soon. My current OB is not VBAC-friendly at all, and tried to discourage me when I mentioned it at my annual exam.

For those of you that have had a successful VBAC, are you glad you did it that way? I hated my c/s; I had complications during surgery and a long, painful recovery. DH is all freaked out by what he's heard about uterine rupture, although from what I've been reading lately, it's a really small risk. I just wanted to get some real-life perspective if you have time. Thank you!

Re: ? for anyone who has already had a VBAC

  • Yes, I am glad I did it. Not only was it an experience I really wanted to have if possible, the recovery was much easier for me as well. I really can't imagine trying to recover from a c-section with a newborn and a toddler - that has got to be rough!

    My original OB was also unsupportive of VBAC. I ended up switching to a different provider, and I'm really glad that I did. As far as your DH - have you talked about the fact that there are also risks to c/s? I think that many people somehow end up framing this issue as "VBAC = risk, c/s = safety." In reality, there is always going to be risk involved in pregnancy and it's your job to weigh the risks and benefits of every option and figure out what is going to be best in your particular situation. I hope he comes around :)


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  • Check out the International Cesarean Awareness Network there should be some resources there for you to find supportive providers (both OB and Midwife).

    I am not pregnant with #2 yet, but I am certain I'm going to try for VBAC. Since your c/s was for breech, you should be a good VBAC candidate.

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  • my VBAC was the most empwering, amazing experience in my life.  I would do it again in a heartbeat!  Infact, as I was laying on the operating table after DS was born, I told H I was not doing that again.  Minutes after DD was born I said I would do it again!

    My OB was not supportive of VBAC either and I am so glad I switched.  H wasn't really supportive at first either, but like PP said, I think all too often we think VBAC is risky and ERCS is safe.  There are risks with c/s too and you just have to weigh the benefits and risks of both sides and see which feels more comfortable to you!

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  • I don't post often (really at all), but spent a lot of time on the boards scanning for VBAC stories while pregnant with my son, and I wanted to share that I had a successful VBAC after a C section with my first for the same reason as you.  My daughter was breech, and even with the scheduled C-section making certain things "easier", I also hated the recovery.


    I got pregnant with my son just before my daughter's first birthday, and from the outset my OB was very VBAC-supportive, which was a HUGE help.  In fact, she mentioned I was a prime candidate for one before I could even ask!  My children are only twenty months apart, and never mentioned time between pregnancies as a concern, which I have heard from some others.  She said she wouldn't do anything "risky," I would have to go into labor on my own (no induction / pitocin), and she would pull the plug on it if things looked dangerous at all, so I felt very comfortable with the decision.  She was going to let me go two weeks past my due date to try to go into labor, and ended up helping things along by stripping my membranes the day after my due date and I went into labor that night.


    It was a wonderful, rewarding experience and worth every minute of it.  I had an epidural (another requirement of my OB and the hospital - if something went wrong, so that they wouldn't have to put me under).  The recovery (although no picnic itself!) is much much easier, especially important with a toddler around.  All in all, very glad I did it, and to be completely honest without a supportive OB I think it would have been very difficult to impossible!


    Best of luck! 

  • I know I am not the original poster of this question... but I want to say thank you to you ladies who posted answers.  I am expecting #2, (11 wks & 4 days now along, now),  and am soon going to be bargaining hard for a VBAC, after a lot of research and much talking w/ my DH. My DS was an unexpectedly breech baby, as well, and it's been over 2 years since. I also had EXTREME complications after my ERCS, and I DO NOT want to do it again, if it can be avoided. Hearing your experiences just bolsters my decision that if I can't get my OB on board, that I WILL search for another who will support my/our decision! Thank you so much!
  • imageRach03k:

     I think that many people somehow end up framing this issue as "VBAC = risk, c/s = safety." In reality, there is always going to be risk involved in pregnancy and it's your job to weigh the risks and benefits of every option and figure out what is going to be best in your particular situation. I hope he comes around :)


    this exactly.  And I really believe that the whole support of everyone around you is key to success. 

    I <3'd my VBAC.  The recovery was 1000x easier.  And, what I didn't expect, was what a phenominal and healing experience it was.  I was so sad/mad/dissapointed about my first birth and the road that led to my c/s...this really helped me recover from that (almost 3 years later-but better late than never!)

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  • Thanks ladies! I was never given a consent form explaining the risks of the c/s due to the emergency situation (they had no idea that she was breech, and found out when she was already partially engaged in my pelvis because I had already been laboring for 8 hours). I found one online and holy cow! I'm going to show that to DH and I bet he hops right onto the VBAC bandwagon with me.

    I do like my OB office now, so I do plan on talking to them to see what vibe I get; if it's not pro-VBAC, I'm definitely willing to switch.

    To the poster who mentioned that it helped heal her: I'm really hoping for this for myself. I was not prepared to have a c/s, and I had so many complications that I didn't even get to hold DD until she was almost 4 hours old. My heart broke that day that I couldn't even hold my brand new baby that I had loved so much for so long. I've been having a lot of trouble coping with the feelings of bitterness and disappointment. If I watch a TV show where a woman gives birth and is handed her child, I cry for hours because I missed out on that and I hate it. I'm really hoping that a VBAC can help me with that in the future. 

    Thank you so much to everyone who posted. 

  • These are some good links about VBAC to show your DH:



    Doing VBAC has been great - like the pp said about healing, it's totally true for me, too. DS1 was hospitalized for his first week, and between that experience and my c-section, I am now realizing how messed up I was for a good year after he was born (i.e. I'm fairly positive I had PPD, and I had insomnia until DS2 was born - 2.5 years of craptastic sleep. Sigh). Anyhoo, the recovery's been shorter, and having a newborn around isn't nearly as horrible as I thought it was with DS1. Such a difference. Good luck, and I hope it works out! Definitely seek out a VBAC-friendly provider if your current practice isn't!

    DS1 - Feb 2008

    DS2 - Oct 2010 (my VBAC baby!)

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