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shopping poll :)

Where do you buy work (or dressier) clothes?

Where do you buy casual clothes?

Fave place to buy shoes?

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Re: shopping poll :)

  • I rarely buy things for myself, but I like Old Navy and Ann Taylor Loft.  I didn't have to dress up that much for work, so they had things that were dressy enough for me, as well as casual things.  I like them b/c they are not too expensive and their clothing fits well.

    Shoes - No idea

  • Work: Banana Republic

    Casual: Old Navy, Target

    Shoes: DSW or Zappos

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  • Work: Scrubs and Beyond  Dressy:  Kohl's??? I can't tell you the last dressy thing I bought.

    Casual: Old Navy

    Shoes:  DSW? 

  • Where do you buy work (or dressier) clothes? My interpretation of "dressy" is, um, not wearing jeans. Haha. I buy my non-jeans outfits at J Crew and Banana. Still very casual and comfortable.

    Where do you buy casual clothes? Fossil, AE, Old Navy, Banana, TJ Maxx and Target are my usuals.

    Fave place to buy shoes?I suck at buying shoes. I last bought athletic shoes on Zappos, boots from an Ebay store, some clogs from AE last Winter. The last time I was in an actual shoe store was while Abe was in Iraq in '08!!! DSW, bought a pair of Steve Madden moccasins that I have since worn to death.

  • I do most of my shopping at Old Navy and Kohls. I buy my shoes at Kohls.
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  • I am a TJMaxx/Marshall's girl!  Occasionally, I branch out to the Gap or ON(for jeans), but honestly, if I think about it, just about everything I wear these days comes from TJM/M, lol.  Esp shoes! 

    If I need super dressy, I usually go to Von Maur.  When I worked, I bought suits at Ann Taylor or Macys.  

  • imagejac*n*abe:
    Where do you buy work (or dressier) clothes? My interpretation of "dressy" is, um, not wearing jeans. 

    Haha me too!  After two years as a SAHM, my wardrobe needs an overhaul! 

  • work:  banana republic, limited, NY & Co, kohl's, macy's, white house/black market on occasion

    casual:  old navy, kohl's

     shoes:  dsw, rack room shoes, zappos, macy's

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  • Dressier clothes: Anthropologie, BCBG, Ann Taylor, ATL, Nordstrom

    Casual: same, but probably some Gap and JCrew.  Oh and I do love OldNavy's yoga pants since they come in tall.  

    Shoes: Nordstrom, Lori's Shoes,

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  • Work:  I have to swear suits and jackets for work... most come from Macy's and eBay actually, Kasper outlet store.  A few jackets from Ann Taylor.

    Casual:  I'm a walking advertisement for The Loft

    Shoes:  Macy's, Zappos

  • I wish I knew/cared more about fashion. I shop pretty much at Kohls and Target now and it's rare. I do like Gap, JCrew and H&M though, just never make it to the mall and don't want to spend money on myself. 

    I buy shoes at Kohls or athletic shoes at Shoe Carnival but I can't even remember the last time I bought a new pair of shoes.  

  • Duh I forgot Kohls and Target. I've had good luck there.  And lately, surprisingly, Goodwill.
  • Work clothes (scrubs) are provided by work. I generally wear nike shox or similar comfortable tennis shoes for work, which I buy at places like footlocker. For dressy stuff, I like The Limited, White house black market (for dresses), and ATL. Casual clothes are a mix from the Gap, AE, and Banana. Shoes come from all over...piperlime, nine west, nordstrom, etc. (Sorry for paragraph format..I'm on my phone.)
  • Where do you buy work (or dressier) clothes?  When and if I need to dress up I almost always found myself at The Loft.  Seemed like it was a reasonable price for good quality clothes.

    Where do you buy casual clothes?  I am finding myself really liking Old Navy right now and Target because I practically live in turtleneck sweaters like the lightweight ribbed ones and fleece sweatshirts.  I wear one of those 2 articles of clothing every single day.  I used to like Kohls but not so much anymore.  The quality s*cks anymore.

    Fave place to buy shoes? That is where Kohls is good for me.  I usually find a sale on shoes that I like.  Or Famous Brand shoes.  I love DSW but there isn't really one close to me.

  • Work-  Most of what I have is pre-baby and probably came from Kohl's or Macy's. 

    Casual- Usually Target and Old Navy

    I couldn't even tell you the last time I bought shoes, and I don't really have a go-to place.  

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  • Work--since I now work from home, I wear jeans and sweatshirts.  My jeans came from Kohl's and I can typically find things there I like. 

    Dressy--Gap clearance center outside Cincy, found a skirt I love at Meijer in the spring

    Casual--Kolh's, Target, WalMart, Meijer.  Depends on what they have and how much money I've got.

    Shoes--last pair I bought was from Shoes for Crews and I love them.  They're like Crocs, but non-skid.  I don't have a go-to store.


  • imageinkygirl:

    Dressy--Gap clearance center outside Cincy,

     My fave store ever.  When I lived in KY I would go 4 times a year, and everything I owned came from there.  Seriously, everything. 

    I miss it lots!

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