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No paci's - am I crazy??

Jake thinks I am crazy because I want to try not using paci's.

We never had them as babies/toddlers, and my sister never gave my neice a paci and its worked out for her...

Re: No paci's - am I crazy??

  • There are plenty of people who don't use them.  We didn't use them for the first week or so while I was establishing BFing.  Even when we did offer it after that, she really didn't take it until she was about three weeks old, and then it was short lived - just for a couple of months and only when she was tired.  However, I will say that Anne's sucking reflex was really strong and was also a huge soother for her.  Her eyes would close almost immediately after she got the paci.  She started sucking her thumb out of the blue at 4 months and it one of the main reasons she is able to self-soothe at bedtime, I'm sure.

    I think you should try it if it's what you would prefer, and then just be open to being flexible once you meet your baby!

  • I don't think you're crazy at all.

    I was very anti-paci and we didn't even consider using one until Ella was six or seven months. I still sorta wish we never had tried (but boy was it awesome once she took one).

    So no, you're not crazy. Will you change your mind? Maybe...but it's worth a shot!

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  • I had problems with BF, and had boys who were/are comfort suckers.  They transferred that to comfort eaters once the formula was introduced in to their lives, and it gave us real problems with overeating and reflux. 

    With J, it was so bad that he was at 110th % in weight and at huge risk for health issues, so the pedi insisted we introduce the paci.  We went through 5 types before he found one he liked.  

    Eventually, his weight did stabilize, but we have allowed it since with both boys.  It was a huge help with getting them to STTN.  

    I respect your decision to try to avoid them.  I'm sure we will have some bad times ahead as we take our boys' away.  Just realize that there will be many battles to pick once your LO arrives, and honestly, who knows what decisions you will stick with or abandon by then.  It is truly a whole new world, and it's ok to play it by ear. 

    Just try not to fall into the, "I told you so" trap with your decisions.  I feel we do this too much (DH and I) if I cave on something I swore I'd never do or vice versa.  Parenting is tough enough without it, lol!

  • I am sure I will change my mind on a lot of things along the way  :)  My sister ideally wanted to use cloth diaper too but that didn't work out for them.

    You're right about picking battles too. We are mostly on the same page with parenting, but I know there are some things that we will clash on, so the paci thing is something I would like, but am not againt trying if needed.

  • I was never against them...and even offered several times. But DS never took one. Not.ever. Now, I'm very glad he didn't and I don't think we will do it with the next one.
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  • I was fairly anti-pacifier, but DS was a HUGE comfort sucker, so we had to give in.  However, he was never allowed to have one if he was down playing or whatever.  We'd let him have one when he was going down for a nap/bedtime, but we'd take it away 15 minutes or so after he fell asleep.  We did let him keep it all night if he had a cold, b/c it really seemed to quiet coughing.  He also was allowed to have it during car rides, or when we'd be out shopping or something and he'd get fussy, but that was it. 

    Just after he turned a year old, daycare mentioned they'd started putting him down at naptime without it, and he did fine, so we followed suit.  Taking it away was a complete non-issue, and I think it's partly because we didn't give it to him all that often.

  • I wasn't anti paci and we tried with R but when they're young, they constantly spit it out or it falls out and you're shoving it back in like every 2 seconds. We just got tired of always putting it back in his mouth and gave up. Now I'm glad he didn't like it and we don't have to deal with weaning him off of it.
  • I never took one, and Josie isn't a big fan either.  She just spits it out.  Sometimes I'll have her suck on one if she's really tired and won't fall asleep, but that's it.  Todd's cousin's daughter is 3 and still uses one!  Tongue Tied
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  • Not crazy.  Sometimes it's easy just to pop a paci in, but the baby will learn to soothe other ways.  Andrew learned about this thumb in the NICU and didn't even like his paci any more, I think because this thumb was always there :-)
  • I don't think you are crazy.  My thought in using it was that it would be easier to take away than a thumb.  At just past two, it's her only attached item so I feel bad in just going cold turkey with taking it away but we are working on it and letting it be her choice to give them up.  She tells us she will give them away and she gets a build a bear when she does it.  Give it a shot without, why not?
  • My plan was to not use them until I was told they could help prevent SIDS. I'm still undecided because I haven't done any research on it yet. I do know that if we end up using them, I don't want to use them until BF has been established.
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  • We didn't use one with Maya and don't plan to use one with the new baby.  Maya does suck her thumb when she is tired or falling asleep but that doesn't bother me.  If she is still sucking her thumb when she is 6, we might have a problem!
  • I would have loved to do this with DD.  Unfortunately it didn't work out that way for us and she ended up being one of those babies with a need to suck.  The nurses gave her one in the hospital because she was sucking backwards which made it difficult to establish BFing.  Once they gave her a paci and she worked with that for a bit, she was a nursing champ.

    I don't think you're crazy for not wanting to use one as it is such a hard habit for some to break, and we would definitely try not giving our next child one either if it can be helped.  You never know what your LO might want to do =)

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