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Just found out last night that THREE of my friends are expecting July babies! (2nd baby for each of them)

....And I felt my first teeny tiny pang of baby fever.

WHAT?!  I have a SEVEN month old, who last time I checked, is still very much a baby.  Women are programmed so weirdly.  Hormones and babies do crazy things to us.  It was like I had split personalities for a few minutes, each side telling me equally that I have baby fever and that I am bonkers for thinking that.


Re: July babies

  • LOL!

    I totally know that feeling, the split personalities thing.

    So, are you telling us that you're TTC? ;-)

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  • I know what you mean and sadly the baby fever gets worse as they get older. :) Luckily, R still does a lot of "annoying" baby things that remind me I could never handle 2 of them this young!
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  • ha, it's so true.  I'm even worse - I have a barely 2.5m old who consistently pukes on me every day, and I still get major twinges of baby fever.

    Add that to the fact that I don't want kids really close in age, and a future pregnancy would be risky for me and the baby, and you've got a person who just might be totally crazycakes.  ;)  I've even got names for my unborn babies that will never exist, lol.

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  • Ummm I totally have baby fever already... with a 4.5 month old. Crazy. I totally feel ya. What makes it worse is that Abe does as well. God help us. I don't think we'll TTC BC2.0 anytime too soon but it still makes me feel insane for even thinking/talking about it.

    During the Christmas Tour last night, a woman brought her 4 week old through. OMG. Hearing the teeny little thing make newborn noises and hearing her cry... I about died. I hardly remember G being so small.
  • Ya'll can come to my house and snuggle Nora anytime at 3am and that will cure your baby fever in a heartbeat!  She's open to being lent out for snuggles.
  • July is a great month to have a baby! 
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  • imageNDwife07:

    So, are you telling us that you're TTC? ;-)

    Ha, no.  While we would eventually be overjoyed to find out I am pregnant, there would be some considerable shock to overcome first.  I don't think actively TTC is on our agenda for some time now.

    However, I'm glad to know I'm in such good company with the bits of baby fever. :)

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