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Why Thank you so much! VENT

I am starting to really get fed up with all the "well meaning" people who, after asking when I'm due, and hearing the answer say "Oh, no, it must be much sooner than that" or "are you sure, cus I don't think so". Let's see, am I sure... hmmmm... well except for the hour, I could pretty much tell you when we conceived, although apparently you were in the room as well, and here I thought it was just me and my husband. This was a planned baby, therefore I was/am aware of my cycle dates. My team of doctors and U/S techs all seem to agree that the baby is measuring gestationally accurate, but clearly you can tell by looking at me from across the bar that I must be further along. This is my second baby, so perhaps I "popped" a little sooner, and I am definitely carrying differently, but my weight is actually less this time around, so essentially you must just be seeing my residual fat and attributing it to a further along pregnancy. I mean, I have 11 weeks to go, not really a long time in the grand scheme of things. GRRR... so until you get a degree in obstetrics, just tell me good luck and keep the rest of your opinions to yourself! That is all. Goodnight ladies.
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  • I'm sorry, that sucks. It's just one of many comments pregnant women have to ignore or else you'd go crazy!

    My grandma pulled that one on me when she saw me around 29 weeks too. I remember because that's when I had my baby shower. When I told her how far along she did the same thing. "Really? Are you sure?" No grandma, I'm not sure, I just like to tell people a random week because it sounds fun.

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  • I hate all the comments pregnant women get! Seriously, just because you are pregnant does not mean the world gets to comment on every aspect of you. Gah I am annoyed for you!

    When I was pg with Lia, I had a ton of people telling me how huge I was. Then I had tons of other people telling me I looked tiny, and was I sure that the baby was growing right? People just like to comment. Sorry, cause I know it sucks!

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  • Ugh! I hate that! Just like I hate how everyone at work was so involved in my breasts because of me pumping to a year, and nursing until 9 weeks pregnant and now they all have opinions on whether or not I should be having another baby so soon. So annoying!
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  • It's just that the general population seems to lack both a filter, and the ability to hold a regular conversation.  I *try* not to get too annoyed and just realize that they're just really bad at small talk. 
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  • People are idiots sometimes.
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