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BellaBand :)

Broke out my BellaBand for the first time today.  I LOVE IT.  My pants still fit, but all but one pair are fairly unflattering, so I decided it was time.  And I'm so glad that I did :):)

Re: BellaBand :)

  • Love mine too!  I used it to wear some pants that muffin topped me BEFORE I was pregnant for a while (alas, those no longer fit now).  Something about being pregnant makes you feel less slob like for not buttoning your pants.  Lol...
  • I love mine, I have been wearing it for about 3 weeks with my jeans.
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  • I lived in my bella band from 7 weeks until about 2 weeks ago when it just no longer worked for me. I have to wear maternity pants now and they are much more comfortable, I like the full panel pants/jeans.
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  • I just opened mine a few days ago too and love it! I'm a nurse and it is perfect to keep my scrub pants up! Smile
  • I've been wearing the Target version for about 3 weeks now. Can't go without it!
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  • I could never get used to wearing low rise pants from the beginning so i had to stop wearing my regular clothes early. As for wearing my pants unbuttoned? oh heck no.

    I tried buying clothes a size or two bigger but in the end i just wasted a lot of money on bands, larger size clothes and ended up buying maternity clothes that are WAY more comfortable.

    Maybe it's my age, but wearing pants that barely cover the crack of my butt just never felt right. 

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  • I'm buying one tomorrow.

    My jeans were fine last weekend but unbearable by the end of today. 

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  • I used mine for the first time yesterday!  My work clothes (dress pants) still fit fine, but my jeans were starting to get uncomfortable.  DH finally convinced me it's time to give in to the band, at least for jeans.  It was wonderful!
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