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DH surprised me!

At first DH didn't understand why I made such a fuss (and literally a big girl hissyfit) over having a VBAC. I would tell him why but as with most things I thought he was taking it with a grain of salt and just letting me vent. I didn't think I had any real support from him on this.

The other day we were watching Dr. Oz and they were talking about making circumcision illegal. DH says out of nowhere to the tv "that is nothing compared to butchering women with repeat c-sections for no reason". My jaw just dropped and I stared at him for like 5 minutes. He is actually on board with the VBAC. I am so happy right now.

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Re: DH surprised me!

  • That's awesome!! My dh is actually the opposite. I had an "emergency" c-section (DD was breech and my water broke at 36 weeks so while it wasn't really an emergency it was labeled as such due to the fact that it wasn't scheduled) and my recovery was really very good. I was not in much pain (took the "heavy" drugs in the hospital and was prescribed vicodin for home but only took it once - didn't really need it and hated the spaced out feeling it gave me) and was able to care for my DD alone from the 3rd day home forward. In DH's world this means a repeat c-section is an obvious choice. We don't know anyone that has had a Vbac but know quite a few repeat c's so he doesn't really understand why I am even contemplating a vbac. I have discussed all the pros and cons with him and he still falls on the side of repeat c-section. Thank goodness at the end of the discussion he threw in "it's your body though and I trust you so whatever you decide, I'm with you!" I really wish he was more enthusiastic but at this point I'll take what I can get. Edited for spelling
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  • Awesome!!!!
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