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Anyone with Short Term Disability experience?

Hi!  I am a new mom-to-be....

I am trying to be prepared for maternity leave and I am researching FMLA vs. Short Term Disability benefits...  It looks like FMLA is unpaid (not a good idea for us) & I am trying to figure out how much of my salary Short Term Disability covers??  My company is based in California, so laws are different out there. That being said, my HR Dept isn't very helpful since there has never been a female to give birth in CT in my company's history. (predominantly male employee base)

So, my biggest question is: how much of your salary is reimbursed on Short Term Disability?? And how often do you get paid (weekly/bi-weekly/monthly/etc)?  

Thank you so much for your help!! :) 

Re: Anyone with Short Term Disability experience?

  • I got both STD from my company and also I had a supplemental policy so it worked out well. FMLA is more of just a job guarantee during your maternity leave but I did get it as well just for the job protection. It also allowed me to go back to work parttime for the remainder of the 4 month period FMLA covers.  I am not sure the exact percentage of salary for STD but it's not that much but definitely helped pay the bills.  I think I received checks every 2 weeks during my 8 week leave.  Hope this helped a little :)
  • STD pay percentage and policy is going to vary at each company.


    For example:

    At my company I had to pay into STD benefits biweekly a minimal sum.. like 1% of my biweekly pay in my paycheck and it had to be in effect before I got pregnant or else it would cover maternity leave.  Thats pretty standard from my understanding.

    It paid 60% of my salary for 5 weeks post partum (it had a 7 day waiting period meaning the first 7 days I was out I had to use sick/vacation time or take it unpaid).  This also varies with the company. 

    I got 1 lump sum check for the 5 weeks about 10 days after I gave birth.  If I went back to work earlier than that, I had to pay it back.


    Hope that helps!  Your HR is the best person to talk to... thats their job! 

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  • Thanks ladies! I appreciate hearing your experiences.  :)


  • fmla is nothing that you have to pay for or get... you have to have your ob fill out paperwork. this guarantees your job and allows you to be out and be able to go to your dr's appointments and also to ease you back after your maternity leave

    std pays you while you are out either due to bedrest or maternity leave. my work gives me 70% for bedrest up to 36 weeks and for my maternity leave it gives me 6 weeks paid in full for vag birth and 8 weeks paid in full for c sec.

    I would have your ob fill out paperwork for fmla just in case.

    your std has nothing to do with where your company is based it has to do with CT laws. your company also needs to be following CT fmla laws.

    your HR team needs to get it together and get that information to you, it is their job...

    good luck..


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  • Hi

    I am TTC for a while but just now found out about STD. I hope I didn't get pregnant this month, so I could enroll in January and then try to get pregnant in Feb. You have to enroll 10 months before baby is born. My job works with Aflec (premium is on me, but they have discount). I contacted representative and he told me It would be 40$ per month and I would get about 1300$ per month for 3 months (based on my annual income 30K). I didn't memorized the part about how and when they would pay.

     And if I did get prengnant this month I have no idea what other financial support I could get.

    ,,,it took two years to get there,,,
  • I am actually a STD case manager for an insurance company .. STD is different than FMLA.. FMLA is based on the state that you actually work in (not where the company originates) and is just job protection .. STD policies are different for each company.. some companies allow you  to go out of work 2 weeks out before your due date without any medical complications some allow 4 .. mine blows and doesnt allow anytime before your due date ( so i guess i'll be delivering at work.. bunch o tards!)  Anyway as for how the pay works you would have to ask your HR rep, some do weekly, some biweekly some monthy etc.. some do 100% of your salary for each full year of employment and then drop down to a percentage, some just do the percentage ... Another thing to note is along with STD pay you may also be eligible for State benfits if you work (not live)  in RI, NY, NJ, CA, HI, and Puerto Rico.. i would recommend you check that states website to apply for it .. its usually called TDI (temporary disability ins) .. Also you typically get 6 weeks paid for a vaginal delivery and 8 weeks for a c-section... if your doc takes you out earlier  than your ue date for complications or after the normal 6-8 weeks for complications be prepared to provide the insurance carrier with all of your medical records that would show why you would not be able to perform your job duties ( not just an out of work note) most STD plans require you to meet their definition of disability which is usually the inability to perform your job duties due to your own health condition .. in other words dont expect STD coverage if you have a premie and want to be there with them after the 6 or 8 weeks and there is nothing medically worng with you.. STD is your coverage not for the baby so that would be considered FMLA.. anyway hope it helps but definetly see if you can get a copy of the plan or policy from your HR rep and dont be afraid to call the disability company and ask them too because sometimes they know better than the local HR rep because they work on that account and only deal with the STD or FMLA not all the other issues HR deals with
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