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Dear Santa

Hi, it's me, Shelley.  Remember me?  I have been doing your job for several years.  Don't worry, I work really hard to make you look good.  I'll do it again this year too, but here is the thing - I don't have any help, not even one elf.  And while I'm doing your job, I have a million other hats to wear as well, taxidriver, housekeeper, cook, baker, event planner, caregiver, counselor, nurse, decorator, teacher, coach, waitress, seamstress, personal shopper, banker, handyman (er, person) - you get the picture.  All of this in addition to my real job, which by the way, doesn't pay that great.  Oh and I can't forget the most important title of all, Mom. 

I constantly do and give to others, so this year I am going to be a bit selfish and ask for something for ME.  Just me.  I have been so good all year, and I really deserve it.  Please Santa, please.  Please send me a clone.  I need someone else to do all of the stuff I normally do so I can enjoy some quality Christmas time with my kids.  I know that is a huge request, but if you could find a way to deliver, it would mean the world to me and my 2 little ones.  If a clone is not possible, would you just take a moment, think of me, and send good vibes my way.  It would be amazing to know that someone else is thinking of me while I bust my tail to keep this show going (and give you all the credit).

Signed, A tired single momma

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