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Outfits with mittens

Is there a specific name for the onesies that the sleeves roll down to cover up their hands?  I am looking for some, but they seem hard to find.  If you know of any cute outfits, I'd love to see the link!

Re: Outfits with mittens

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    Look at Carter's, reasonably priced and cute...my MIL just brought some things and they have the rollover sleeves...
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    I have a few from Old Navy. Not all of them have the flip covers, and a downside is that they don't carry NB, so hopefully LO will fit into their 0-3. I dont remember if the others I saw were Carters, but I saw some at Khols!
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    We got a bunch of gowns from target that have them, I figure that's all she will really wear for the first few weeks. Also Gerber makes white long-sleeved onesies with the mittens built in that you can layer LO up in.
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    Gerber makes white long sleeved onesies that have the fold overs. Also most outfits I have from carters in newborn and 0-3 mos have them. I never really used them with my first I kept her nails clipped. I plan to do the same for this guy. I just hung this set up today and it has the fold over https://www.carters.com/carters/Navy-Puppy-3-Piece-Cardigan-Set/V_121-342,default,pd.html?cgid=carters-baby-baby-boy-sets
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