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VBAC board?! Awesome!

Hey all,

I just wanted to introduce myself and join in the support for VBAC.  I used to occasionally post on the bump awhile back, and just recently discovered this board, which I am sufficiently pumped about.

At about 28 weeks my family moved back "home" and thank God there is one, small hospital about 1/2 hour away that will accept VBACs on a "limited basis."  On the ICAN website, this hospital is listed as having a "de facto ban" in place, but I guess you can give it a shot if you can find a group who will accept you. 

I was induced at 42 weeks with my 1st as my contractions that started on their own were not causing me to dilate.  Long story short, cervidil, pit, epi, swollen cervix and 102 fever later.....then our little guy was born, very healthy via c/s.

I have never been interested in the RCS, which is what EVERYONE around here does.  I am pretty sure that the majority of my family thinks I'm crazy for trying a VBAC, but I just don't see the need to have an unnecessary surgery just because that's how it's done around here.  I am seeing 2 CNMs who I feel fairly comfortable with.  I have faith that a VBAC is possible as long as I am allowed to just be pregnant and let things progress naturally.  With my first I felt so much pressure with people calling me all of the time to see if I was feeling anything and then over-dramatizing my induction and the c/s.  It seems that few understand that labor and birth does not always go quickly, so I'm hoping this time to make sure that no one is at the hospital waiting for me while I'm trying to have a baby!

Well that got long, but I wanted to say hello and share my support for anyone on here who is planning a VBAC or looking for advice.  I am really excited for everyone and look forward to hearing everyone's story. 


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Re: VBAC board?! Awesome!

  • Welcome and good luck!  You are due so soon, looking forward to hearing about how the birth goes. Smile

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  • Welcome! this board is only a few weeks old, so you haven't missed much! GL with your VBAC!
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  • welcome. this is  a great support system going on here. i wish you all the best. my family and most of my friends don't get why i want to vbac either so this is my sanctuary.  best of luck
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  • Welcome and good luck! Sometimes you have to fight for a VBAC it is sad but true. Keep fighting for it! fingers crossed for you!
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