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My last two days (at work) for dip


 - I was invited to a conference call for our new information system.  Dial-in, no one has anything to talk about.  Morons.

 - Instructor calls me because she can't get into her email.  I don't have her in the system.  I have it out with *** in HR because I did my job (last Monday), and she didn't.  Not my fault ***.  Everyone knows you're a lazy ***.  Me rolling my eyes, walking away from a ridic convo, and mouthing "wow" while you try not to scream in your own drowning frustration makes my day. 

 - Go home.

 - Have dinner - grilled chicken caesar salad.

 - Put up new christmas tree in the basement.

 - Puts out a ton of fires before 10am.

 - Sent email for my whole department, only to confuse the crap out of them because I left out a very important sentence.  Oops.  We all had a good laugh afterwards.

 - Went to Target for lunch.

 - Had a meeting with Microsoft at 3 only to find out that dumb co-worker didn't do his job (again), so this meeting was pointless.

 - Has 15 more minutes to fart around (because of dumb co-worker) before next meeting. =)



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