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Live in VB, any 1st time newly preggers?

Hello All,

I have been in VB for the last 2 years. I moved here from KY. It's just me and my husband now and I haven't made too many new friends. I am 8.6 weeks and due 7/6/11. Hoping to find some ladies that is going through this for the first time like me.

Re: Live in VB, any 1st time newly preggers?

  • Hi! I am scheduled to have my first in VB in May 2011. I don't know hardly any parents/parents-to-be like me in the area and would love to meet some/be part of a group.
  • ooo me me me! Wink

    I was raised in Ches. and moved to VB in 2006. This is my first baby.

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  • I'm a 1st time expectant mother.  We are expecting a girl in March 2011.  I, too, know very few people here, and I don't really know anybody with babies/children.  I'm interested in meeting up with a few ladies who are going through the same thing.  Maybe we could all go out for lunch or go walking sometime.
  • I'm a first timer as well and am about a half hour from VB, my husband and I live out in northern Suffolk. How old is everyone? I'm 29 and will be having my baby girl 4 days after my birthday on April 22.
  • I live in Chesapeake, and am 31. :)
  • I've lived in VB since I was 10. I'm 26 now. My DH and I are expecting a girl at the end of April. I would love to join a group or something. Maybe we can start a baby group...
  • I'm in Chesapeake and expecting my 1st baby in June :)
  • I live in VB. This is my second pregnancy though. My first resulted in a miscarriage at 10 weeks. I'm only around 5 weeks now though. Due 10/28/11.
  • I am also about 5 weeks along...where in VB are you?
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  • Salem Lakes area. I'm close to the amphitheater.
  • Having my 2nd baby after 10 years!!! Live in Chesapeake, and a Ob/Gyn nurse, but becoming a stay at home mom once again when baby comes Nov, 2011
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