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Toddler Boys Pants Inseam

Hey strangers!  I am looking for pants for my nephew and sales associates over the phone are less than thrilled to help me!  So hopefully nesties to the rescue :)  My nephew wears a 2T pants because of the waist.  I'm looking for pants that have an inseam of at least 13" or 13 1/2".  I'm sure he could use 3T if they have an adjustable waistband.  Anyone have toddler boys pants they could measure for me and let me know where they are from?  Thanks a bunch!!!!

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  • Hey!  If you don't get the answers you need today, I'll measure for you when I get home.  We have a bunch of 2T and 3T pants from various places.  DS has to have the adjustable waist too.

    However, I will go ahead and say that he has a pair from Target that fit him perfect.  I didn't pay too much attention to what they called them, but for some reason they are cut so much slimmer than the other Target pants.  They are Cherokee, but so are alot of his others and they don't fit the same.  But I was actually able to get him 4T (which is what he needs for length) but the waist was so much smaller, more like a 2T, and they have the adj waist.  I just held them up and could tell by looking at them that they were cut different.  I only found them in jeans though, they were on a shelf with some graphic tees.

    I get most of his pants from Old Navy or Target because they have the adjustable waist.  I've heard Children's Place does too, but I rarely shop there so I can't say how they fit.


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  • YAY- Thank you!  I'll check Cherokee at Target.  We called Childrens Place, but you would think I was asking her for a million dollars.
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  • I'm just not a fan of CP in general, so I'm not surprised.

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