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****** Chicken ******

OMG chicken, i was thinking of you all day yesterday, i wanted to wish you luck with your u/s but i couldnt make it too work as we have artic weather here, snow, frost and ice, iv had to leave DH and move into my house in the town i work in, now im sharing with 2 girls, i prob wont be going home until the wknd, im gutted Sad

Anyway OMG OMG OMG so so so so so delighted for you, i will be happy with whatever im given (hopefuly) but id love multiples twins or triplets!!!!  

When you went for your scan on day whatever where there a few follicles or was this a total surprise? 

 CONGRATS again to you and your DH, wishing you a wonderful pregnancy xxxxxxxx

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    Thank you so much!! I'm delighted too...a little freaked but hey I get it all over with in one shot!

     When my RE did the scans I only had 3 mature follies and he said yesterday that they all burst through when I ovulated.  I think part of what helped was that he had added ganerillex injection to the mix because he thinks I ovulated prematurely the cycle before (short cycle).  So the ganerillex (which I'm spelling wrong) stops ovulation so that the other follies can catch up.  Then I triggered and BAM! 

    He always told me that multiplies usually only are a concern because of my age when there are 4 or more mature follies and since I only had 3 he didn't think twice (or thrice, as it were) about it.  LOL! 

     When he told he was doing the ultra sound yesterday he said 'there's the first one' uhhhh first one?? what? OMG! then he said 'here's the second one and I'm pretty sure I saw a third...yup here it is'. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Indifferent


    When I called my husband he said 'are you joking?' LOL which is the first thing everyone has said in my family that I've told.

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    Thats so great, so each egg had a party YYYAAAAYYY im so so so thrilled for you both, you know il be stalking you Big Smile continued happiness!!!! xxxxxx
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