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one year mark!!

I'm jumpin the guns slightly as my one year mark isn't til tomorrow but I'm too excited!!! I've grown so much this part year it's unbelievable. I (stupidly) thought stbxh was my be-all-end-all kinda guy. WRONG! And his text today confirms it, he finally has his life sorted and can see the kids... 3 months later.... Oh well. Share something imspiring about your life this past year :)

Re: one year mark!!

  • That's fantastic!  The one year mark was good for me as well.

    Something inspiring was that I learned to stand on my own two feet, which I had NEVER done before.  SD completely stopped paying CS, has stopped seeing P (since June) and generally has been a hot mess of a person.  So, I essentially had no support from him.  I'm proud because I faced my worst fear: being alone, and more importantly, being a single parent. 

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