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low platelets

anybody else being monitored for low platelets?

Re: low platelets

  • Me! I'm actually going in tomorrow for another blood draw.  I had HELLP with the last pg and delivered at 31w6d.

    Currently my levels have dropped from 188,000 to 127,000. I'm not too terribly worried, but starting to get a little anxious about not wanting to have another preemie!

    How are your levels?

  • they tested my blood when they took it for my 3 hour glucose.  yesterday the OB said that they were a little low.  she said at the start of pregnancy they were 217 and the recent numbers were 145.  she said normal was 150.  she wanted to recheck in a couple of weeks.  essentially i am now a guinea pig b/c i have to go starting next week and continuing every week until i deliver for NSTs b/c i have GD.  

    what do they do if you have low platelets?  she told me the concern is that i would bleed too much.  all of this is very overwhelming b/c i am a rather healthy person who has spent very little time with doctors my whole life and as a pregnant woman i feel like i am constantly being monitored and examined.  and i know there are good reasons for it but it doesn't make it any less overwhelming. 

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  • This is what I know from my previous experience:

     It is normal for platelets to drop a little during pregnancy, but if they continue to drop it becomes dangerous to the mother because she may not clot well after they reach a certain level. This level is usually below 50,000.

    I did not have to deliver early just because of low platelets - so don't panic about that! I also had very high blood pressure and protein in my urine (HELLP syndrome). Dropping platelets can be a SIGN of HELLP, so that's why they're watching you. If you develop HELLP, the only cure is to deliver.

     There is essentially nothing they can do to make your platelets go up, short of a platelet transfusion or steroids (both of which they will not give you during pregnancy unless your platelets drop to less than 50,000)

    Here's what concerns you most: You may not get to have an epi if your platelets fall below 100,000. It depends on the dr. You would still get other pain meds, though.  You also may not be able to be awake during a c-section if they fall below 100,000. They would give you general anestisa because they don't want to mess with your spine and clotting issues.

    Low platelets in mother do NOT hurt the baby, so don't worry about that either. My platelets dropped to 77,000 when I had my daughter - but her platelets were just fine. It took about a week for my platelets to go back up after delivery.

    Overall, if your bp and urine are fine, I wouldn't even worry about the platelets. There is nothing you can do, and chances are that they will go up and down for the next 2 months before you deliver. Just be aware of how it might change your birth medication plan in case they drop below 100,000.

    Hope this helps!

  • imagerainruss:
    anybody else being monitored for low platelets?

    I have been admitted to the hospital because of high BP (160/84) and dropping platelets.  Last week they were at 87,000 and yesterday at80,000.  I am taking the steroid shots to see if they will raise my level at all and to develop the baby's lungs.  I am 35.5 weeks.  Tomorrow I will find out if we have to deliver right away!!!  My option at this point would be to go completely under for a c section.  They remove the baby in 2 minutes before the anesthesia has a change to hit the baby!  An induction (for me) would be too risky because of BP levels since I cannot receive an epi or a spinal!!

  • My platelets kept dropping all the way down to 66,000. Result- they induced me at 37 weeks.  While they were getting my plasma transfusion ready, my platelets jumped up to 90,000.  I was not allowed an epidural but they gave me fentanyl which did help.  Long story short, I had to go under general anesthesia for a c/s.  But that's because LO was NOT doing well.  My platelet count went back up within two weeks of delivery.  Up until delivery though I had my blood checked twice a week.  Like pp said, there's not much you can do really.  You just have to keep an eye on it especially if it is related to HELLP syndrome. 
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  • I've been seeing a hematologist for semi-low platelets (127,000). We're TTC and doc says it's fine. But wanted to clarify-my doc said it can affect the LO. Maybe only at certain levels, but the LO's spleen essentially doesn't work at birth-so any platelets they have are from the mother (they don't produce their own yet). So there is a risk to the baby having thrombocytopenia or bleeding issues (esp if a vaginal delivery). Just something to think about for us since we're aren't pregnant yet. GL to everyone!
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