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At risk for pre-e: blood pressure question

Hi ladies, my baby has IUGR and I was told I have a 50% chance of developing pre-e. Currently, I'm going into the ob clinic once every two weeks for monitoring, and am separately having fetal growth u/s with a specialist every 3 weeks (next one is this friday). Today I had my 2 week ob check-up. My blood pressure is usually very low (90s/60s). Today it was 110/75. While this is still normal, it's the highest mine has ever been. In pre-e, does bp slowly creep up like this? Should I see this as a sign to push for more frequent monitoring? The midwife I saw today didn't think so, but I'm still concerned.

Thanks for any advice you can share.

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Re: At risk for pre-e: blood pressure question

  • Pre-E usually doesn't present itself with BP that slowly creeps up. It could just have been high at that point.

    Do you have an electronic BP cuff at home to check on your own? If not I would see about investing in one and checking your BP regularly to be on the safe side. 

    During my pregnancy I did not use a home BP cuff. My BP was borderline high 125/75 my whole pregnancy in the OB office at my visits and my doctors treated me regular. In my 8th month one night my BP spiked very high and i had a placental abruption (my baby did not make it) . So I said all that to say that you have to closely monitor it all the time, because you never know. Just cause it is regular the whole time doesn't mean that at home it can't go up.

    Good luck I hope this helps. 

  • I had severe pre-e with my son and delivered him at 31 weeks.  I felt fantastic up until about 30 1/2 weeks and had no BP issues until it hit me out of nowhere.  Sometimes pre-e comes on really fast.  I usually have 120/80, although mine's been a little higher this pregnancy.  When I went into the hospital with DS my BP was something like 165/120.   It sounds like they're monitoring you well, but maybe you'd have more peace of mind with a home monitor in addition.  Good luck!  
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  • If you are worried about it I would ask your provider about a 24hr. urine lab to see where your protien levels are at. Also I had eclampsia with DD and my blood pressure did slowly creep up so slowly that they didn't really catch it the first couple of higher readings. Then bam! In one night is shot up so fast I had a horrible migraine and was vomiting. Due to brain swelling. I had two seizures before they got out DD at 32 weeks. If concerned always ask questions it's better to ask then stress!
  • FWIW I had slowly progressing blood pressure with my pregnancy. I was on bedrest to manage it for almost 6 weeks. Then it came to the point where it started rising much more quickly and I developed other symptoms. I delivered a few days later.

    Any drastic rise in BP should be noted, even if you're below 140/90. I was told any jump of 30 systolic or 15 diastolic can be an issue. You are right to ask questions. Keep in mind though, one high reading means next to nothing. It could be stress, anxiety, etc. It is multiple readings of high or progressively higher  BPs that are an issue. 

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  • My blood pressure was always really moderate at 120/70.  One week it jumped to 130/80 and sat there for about 4 weeks.  Then it jumped to 160/80 and I was put on bed rest.  After a week of bed rest it didn't come down at all.  I also have low blood platelets so I have been admitted to the hospital.  My doctor has been right on top of everything, but if you feel that yours is not....I would ask for closer monitoring.  GL!!! 
  • My bp has been normal though I have the other symptoms of pre-e.  My OB says he expects my bp to turn any day now, which is why I am on hospital bed rest taking Procardia.
  • I had a sudden onset of pre-e.  My bp was fine at my ob appt on a Monday and by that Wed, I was in the hospital. 

    If my bp ever runs high when the nurse takes it, my dr will take it again at the end of my appt.  Its usually higher when I get there, because I've been rushing to get to the appt on time, etc.  I'm also monitoring mine at home. 

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