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DH keeps shooting down my ideas

Over the weekend I asked DH if he'd want to look into fostering for the time being.  I know the process isn't quick but that maybe it would be a chance for us to have a child/children in our home until some sort of treatment works or we adopt (really selfish reasoning).

I figured it might sucks a little less if they have to leave us if we're still working towards another goal.

He said no :(  He doesn't want to have to handle the "issues" behind why they may be in fostercare.

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Re: DH keeps shooting down my ideas

  • Welcome to my life. But then one day he'll be fine with that plan then the next change his mind. Sooooo annoying.
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  • Yea we were there with DE and adoption.  All summer he was against both of them and then all of a sudden he's ok with them....but after waiting 6 months to agree on something they're not fast enough for me :P

    He is going to a Bethany adoption info session with me next weekend though.  So it's progress.

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  • fostering seems like a big enough deal.  Maybe he just needs time to process such an idea.
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  • Dh is very much not interested in fostering.

    It doesn't help that a friend is a foster mom. She will eventually finalize her adoption of their foster son, but in the end it will likely take 3+ years. She said she'll never do it again unless the child is legally free for adoption (eg, termination of parental rights is already done).

    I think DH is worried most about emotional/psych issues of kids in foster care. He doesn't feel prepared to handle them at this point.

    ETA: I saw that he's going to an info session. Yay him!

    ::and remember, it doesn't always take that long ;) ::

  • imagegidge:

    He is going to a Bethany adoption info session with me next weekend though.  So it's progress.


    That's awesome!

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  • I know nothing about the process, but it sounds like a very big deal.  I can imagine your H needs time to process it all.  GL.
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  • I was really just hoping he'd be willing to look into it a bit.  One of his things against adoption in the past was cost (he's not as worried about that now that we're looking at DE as a possibility and that's not cheap either). Plus, he's not really too keen on the idea of pursuing treatment and adoption at the same time.

    He's mostly worried about the emotional issues with fostering , which I do understand.  I just hate it when he doesn't think my ideas are as awesome as I do.

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