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Another "Your thoughts" - VBAC

I am wrestling around with the idea of a VBAC.  I spoke with my doctor at the beginning of this pregnancy to get his opinions.  He said I'm a good candidate for a VBAC but wanted to wait and do another u/s later in my pregnancy to get an estimate of N's weight to see which route he thought we should go.  He did say then that if she was looking like another 9+ lb baby that I should probably go ahead and schedule a c/s but if she was measuring much smaller (7ish lbs) that it was worth trying the VBAC.  Just for clarity, C was 9lbs 6.5oz and would never descend which is why I ended up with a c/s with him.

I had my 31 week appt today and saw another doctor in the practice that I had never seen before (SB, do you have any opinions/thoughts on Dr. Y?).  She came in and right away wanted to know what my plan for delivery was.  Apparently my other doctor hadn't noted anything in my file yet and she was rather frazzled about that.  She went ahead and scheduled the u/s for 36 weeks and we agreed to discuss it further then.  She did go over all the pros and cons of a VBAC with me (which I already knew) and she didn't say at all but I got the vibe that she was leaning towards a repeat c/s.  She also gave us a sheet to read that had all the risks on it and DH started freaking out and telling me that he wanted me to go ahead and schedule a c/s and not take those risks.

With all that said, what are your thoughts on VBAC?  Do you think they are worth the risks involved.  My big desire to have one comes with having C at home to care for too.  I think I can care for both of them better if I don't have to endure all the healing like I did before.  Other than that, I'm not really 100% swayed one way or another.

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Re: Another "Your thoughts" - VBAC

  • I have heard great things about repeat c-sections, recovery seems to go smoother with a repeat.  Having the emergency c-section the first time, I plan to have a scheduled when I get pregnant again, I'd rather everything be planned and much more relaxed.  I was crushed having a c-section, so I think it will be easier emotionally for me going in.  That's my decision as of now though, and it may change when that time comes. 
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  • I had a c-section after laboring and pushing for almost 3 hours.  Camryn never descended and was turned sort of sideways too.  I was also told by my Dr. during delivery that my pelvis has a weird shape to it.

    When I got pregnant with Caylee, my dr. and I discussed VBAC and she did not think I was a good candidate for it because of my pelvis shape.  We pretty quickly decided on repeat c-section. 

    I had a very emotional experience of wanting to push my baby out after going through full out labor and was pretty upset by having to have the c-section.  My recovery was also pretty bad since I essentially went through both.  I felt like total crap for 3 solid weeks.  I just did not want to chance going through the same thing of laboring, pushing and then her not coming out with Caylee. 

    Once the decision was made I was very comfortable with scheduling my c-section for 39 weeks.  It was awesome to know I had definite end point.  That got me through those last few weeks.

    The planned c-section was definitely easier.  Although I do remember thinking in the hospital that it seemed a little harder than I thought my Dr. painted it being with a repeat.  I only stayed 2 nights in the hospital and felt pretty good after only one week.  Hardest thing was dealing with a toddler still sleeping in a crib and trying to figure out about lifting her. 

    I don't know, I'd probably try to get a handle on your decision here soon.  I was glad we decided early and then I didn't have to worry or stress about it anymore during my pregnancy.  I guess you should start with figuring out when the latest that you can schedule it would be.  I scheduled mine several months out.   

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  • I debated a VBAC for baby #2 as well. After going through a hellacious recovery with Keira I was really hesitant to do it again with having to take care of a toddler. After thinking about my options and talking with my OB I decided to go with the repeat c/s. I have been told by all of my doctors and several people I know that had a repeat/scheduled c/s that they are easier than having one after going through labor in addition to the surgery.

    I would hate to try a VBAC and go through all that labor just to end up with another c/s and have a harder recovery. As much as I would like to experience a vaginal birth, I think the better choice for me personally is to just do another c/s. We will know ahead of time when her birthday will be, we can plan for childcare for Keira, and arrange when my mom will fly in to help. BUT...if I happen to go into labor on my own before my schedule c/s day I will be really tempted to give it a try! ;)

    Good luck making your decision, I know it's hard.

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  • imageMrsLee04:
    If I was to have another I would definitely attempt a VBAC.  Repeat c-s is actually riskier.

    A midwife at my practice told me the same thing.

    However, if I were you I'd wait & play it by ear depending on how big baby girl is at 36 weeks and beyond. I think that is going to be my plan in the future.

  • I've never heard of a repeat C-section being more dangerous than a VBAC. That's why they stopped doing VBACs for years. The risk of uterine abruption is greater if the uterus has already been surgically opened. I may be biased based on my training (we did OB rotations in med school and residency) in tertiary care centers, where we see the worst things and most complicated. VBAC's are great if they work, but if you have a complication like uterine abruption, things can go badly quickly; that's a risk I'm not willing to take.

    Having said that, if your first C-section was due to a 9 pound baby not fitting and this baby is measuring 7 pounds, and you really want to do it, then it's worth a try.

    Lastly, a scheduled C-section (no labor) is much easier to recover from than labor, then a C-section.

    Gl with your decision. . .it's a hard one to make and ultimately you and your OB need to decide what's best for you. 

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  • I have never heard of a repeat c-section being more unsafe either, I've actually heard what the PP said about a uterine rupture being possible with a VBAC, and that is why many practices will not perform them. I was asked at my apt and decided w/out hesitation to do a repeat c-section for all the reasons stated. I have a narrow pelvis which made the baby dropping impossible, I had 12 hours of labor and 3 hours of pushing with no success, other than fully dilating. I do not want to put my body through labor and then end up with another c-section. Plus I like the idea of having a set date to arrange for child care. My mom had 3 c-sections and my sisters each had 2, so the odds for me having a vaginal birth were slim, and none of them faced any issues. I am very confident in my choice!



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  • I've never had a c-section, but I'm very pro-VBAC for moms that want one.  Here are some sites with good pro-VBAC info: Mayo Clinic says 60-80% of women who try for a VBAC have a successful vaginal birth. This site quotes ACOG as stating that VBAC is a ?safe and appropriate choice for most women? with one prior cesarean and for ?some women? with two prior cesareans.  Being pregnant with twins, going over 40 weeks, having an unknown or low vertical scar, or suspecting a ?big baby? should not prevent a woman from planning a VBAC (ACOG, 2010).


  • From what I've read, the chance of uterine rupture is very small (like < 0.01% or something like that, I don't have the exact figure handy).  It's no more risky than having a repeat c/s which is, as we all know, major abdominal surgery which comes with it's own set of risks.  That said, I debated back and forth between a VBAC and repeat c/s (as most of you probably know given all my posts about it :)

    With Natalie, I never got to the pushing stage before my c/s.  I never progressed passed 3.5 cm on pitocin; had to back off of pitocin because Natalie wasn't tolerating it well and my body never kicked in on contractions on it's own.  I was 40w6d.  Maybe if I'd waited longer at home, things would have turned out differently as far as not needing the c/s.  I was really depressed after at not being able to experience a vaginal birth but overall, my 1st c/s went well, Natlalie was healthy which of course was the most important thing.

    With Claire, I had really wanted to go with a VBAC because I still yearned to experience a vaginal birth.  I debated back and for for weeks and didn't make my final decision until 36-37 weeks.  I was mostly scared for the known -- how would my body react with labor (would my contractions kick in and if not, would I end up with the c/s anyways), even though there are risks with c/s, I at least knew what to expect -- not so much with VBAC and the chance of uterine rupture.  But I wanted that the vaginal birth experience.  Ultimately, I couldn't get 100% over my fear of the unknown with VBAC and went with the repeat c/s.  My internal debate about it turned out to not be necessary -- Claire was breach (found out at 38 weeks) and they wouldn't do a VBAC in that case anyways.  It made coming to terms with a repeat c/s much easier!

    Now if we have a 3rd, I'll have to do a c/s.

    Good luck with your decision!

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  • My plan is to attempt a VBAC when we get pregnant again. I wanted to have Wesley naturally, but things just didn't work out. After talking with my OB at my 6w pp visit about our future plans, I was told there was less than 1% chance of any problems during a VBAC, especially if you didn't have any issues with recovery. Good luck, whatever you decide!

  • Thank you for these links, ECU :) I've bookmarked them for when I really have to think about this. There's a lot of misinformation about VBAC, I think.

    I had an emergency c-section, which was scary and not an experience I'd repeat. I still get flashbacks and bad dreams...  I know a scheduled c/s wouldn't be the same at all, but I'm tempted to pursue VBAC.

  • I don't have any experience in the matter, and therefore not much of an opinion :)  However, I just wanted to point out that there is a VBAC board now where you can probably get a ton of information and statistics and opinions from others in the same situation.  GL with whatever you decide!

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  •  I know this is a difficult decision, but I think I would wait until your 36 week appointment and make the decision then, if you want a VBAC, I really think you should try it. Peyton was 9.7 pounds, I was in labor for almost 14 hours, had to push for over an hour and I am still glad I did not have a c/s. My recovery was a breeze, even easier than my recovery from having Ashley and she was only 6.12 pounds. If we have a 3rd, I will try for another vaginal delivery, even though they will probably pressure me to have a c/s in "case" the baby is as big as Peyton was. If your doctor says it is safe, I would definitely try it. Good luck!!
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