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Neti pot help

Ok, so I'm breaking down and buying a neti pot after work today. I'm on my second straight sinus infection and cannot get rid of this congestion. It's making me nuts. I'm always wary of items deemed as miracle cures on Oprah, so I've avoided the neti pot til now. Plus, it looks like it would be torturous. I know how awful it feels to get water stuck up your nose after swimming, so I'm very afraid. I've watched videos on You Tube and they make it seem like it's very pleasant, but I'm still scared. Who has used one and am I being ridiculous? Any tips?

Re: Neti pot help

  • they scare me.
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  • haven't used the pot, but i've used the bottle made by the same company.  it's not that bad (says the girl who refuses to swim for fear of getting water up her nose).

    just make sure to keep your mouth open and breathe through it.

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  • Kosher salt works best; do not use table salt.  If you have a vanity attached to your bathroom sink or counter next to the sink in your kitchen use that flat surface to lay your head on for a good angle. 
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  • I actually like it - best allergy relief I have ever felt. I lean over forward to make sure it goes through my nose and not down my throat
  • I love my Neti pot!  It works wonders for me.  You just have to get your head tilted at the right angle, so there is a little trial and error to it.  It feels strange the first couple of times, but then you get used to it.  I definitely recommend it. 
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  • I love mine, but it does take some getting used to to get the hang of it. Keep your mouth open and remember to breathe.
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  • Well, I used it and was fine. I feel silly getting so worked up about it - it feels a little weird but it's no big deal. But I'm still stuffed up like crazy. I'll try again tomorrow morning.
  • I like mine too....I think it works to get the "snot" moving. It feels like it anyways.

    Agreed tip: tilt head forward, open mouth, and it will take a few times to get the hang of it.

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  • It's great.  It's not like swimming.  The salt water feels good especially when it is warm and you will have relief for hours.  I love it and it is so cheap.
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