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xp-trampoline advice

I have a 2yo and a 3yo.  My older daughter really wants to get them a trampoline for Christmas.  For those of you that have trampolines, or for those of who don't but have knowledge of, what is the minimum size we should get that they could both jump on together and would grow with them?  I have no concept of how a 12', 14', or 15' would actually be like.  TIA!
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Re: xp-trampoline advice

  • Before you do this you might want to check with your homeowner's insurance.  I did and most companies won't cover injuries from a trampoline accident.  

    Sorry to be a Debby Downer. 

  • ditto above about home owners.

    tramponlines cause a HUGE number of accidents every year... I remember hearing this doctor show on Sirius in the spring - and the ER doc they were interviewing said that trampoline accidents were the most common thing they saw in the ER during the summer.

    that being said- if you feel you must have one (my brother and BIL both have them for their kids)... get one that has the springs underneath - my BIL's like this, and it's so much safer.  Of course, you'll want one with netting around it, too.

    We only let our kids on it (when we visit) one at a time...

     we have a bounce house (little tikes one) that says it can have 3 kids in it.  I still worry about them crackin' heads - so far it's been OK.... a little less dangerous than a trampoline.

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  • ditto the other posters - even mini-trampolines aren't safe for the under 6 crowd.  I like Goldie Locks' idea of a bounce house instead.  

  • ditto to pp. We had one when we were in jr. high. That was the earliest my parents let us get one. We also had the rule of only 1 person at a time. For this age I like the idea of a bounce house much better than a trampoline.
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