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OB that delivers at Wake Med Raleigh

Remind me--I think I'm correct in thinking that Kamm, McKenzie, et al is the only private practice that delivers there--right?  We need an OB that delivers there b/c of the NICU they have there but I think Kamm is our only option.  I've been mostly happy there--just the usual large practice complaints.  Just wondering if I was missing another option.  Anybody know?



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Re: OB that delivers at Wake Med Raleigh

  • Not sure, but you'd probably be able to call the Mother/Baby ward at WakeMed Raleigh and find out which practices deliver there. I don't think they'd have any issues with telling you some of the doctors' names. (I could be wrong, though...)
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  • Not much help, but Kamm, McKenzie is the practice I used.  I had to deliver there because that's where I work and the insurance covers it.  DS ended up in the NICU even though he was full term and I had a really easy, uneventful pregnancy.  I really liked the NICU intensivist though.
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  • Where do you live? They are Wake Med Faculty Physicians, but I go to the OB office in Wakefield. There are 9 doctors (which I was really worried about) but I really enjoy all of them. So far I am really happy with the practice and since they rotate at the hospital, I know I will have at least met the dr that will deliver me! Just in case Wake Med Physicans were an option for you!

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