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Back Pay Issues....

Has anyones DH run into this issue?

My husband was originally at Benning and then got orders to Fort Bragg. Well Benning screwed up his paperwork and had him labeled AWOL even though he had his orders to Bragg and had been working with his unit for over a month. So for a month and a half he didn't get any paycheck. He finally got it fixed but now were having problems again.

He's been jumping since he got to Bragg and they haven't paid him jump pay at all. As of today they owe him over $2000 in backpay.

He went to S1 & was told it would be on his next paycheck (Nov. 15th) and when we checked his LES it wasn't on there. So he went back and asked again and they said they need a copy of his orders. He's been asking the Battalion for a copy so he can take them where he needs to and they have yet to give him one. He started looking into this almost 8 months ago. He keeps getting the run around. I know it's really starting to bother him and I don't think he knows what to do next because of all the run arounds he's already been dealing with.  

I know there's nothing I can do about it but has anyone else gone through something like this? How did it eventually get resolved?

MC: Feb 24th, 2011

Re: Back Pay Issues....

  • His orderly room doesn't have a copy?  He should go ask every day until they get it done, and once he gets a copy, MAKE COPIES!!!!!!!  I have 27 copies (not kidding) in three separate locations.  Its about consistency......bug them enough, theyll want to get rid of last unit was like that.....luckily, despite being ROYALLY SCREWED as a Sustainment Brigade, I have an amazing company, where 85% of us would do just about anything for each other
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  • Yeah I keep telling him he has to ask somebody every day whats going on. I mean they have him all screwed up in the computer! When we went to get housing they had him in as CPL and he wasn't. I swear they cannot get the paperwork straight for anything. They had our last names spelled wrong & everything. It has been a nightmare. I will tell him to check the Orderly room. Hopefully they can get this all straightened out soon. Thank you for your help =)
    MC: Feb 24th, 2011
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  • Haha, hopefully they have an orderly room!

    I'm a medic, and the computer program that we use at the clinic doesn't catch up with promotions for 6-9mo, and has 70% of SPC as CPL or CW3.....the Military isnt too good with keeping up with its own ranks....With my people: my sqd leader, plt sgt, orderly room (company level), and battalion and brigade all have a copy of my orders....if anywhere else does, maybe he can try there?  We had to go finagle orders out of CIF when some (idiot) mechanic handed them his last copy and S-1 lost their copy (our battalion was moving buildings.....S-6 lost my security packet at the same time).

    ....I hope I didn't just "army" you to death with the acronyms....My wife has learned them all, but everyone else in the family......well, they are learning military time, thats a

  • He's going to have to keep doing it over and over again and keep bugging different people until it gets fixed. When my DH got to Fort Hood there was no space in the barracks so he ended up living off post. It took months for them to get his BAH into his check. He was so far in the hole by the time it was corrected, it took him almost a year to get back on track.

    For the future...copies, copies, copies!  DH's problem with the BAH was a computer issue but any other time he's had a problem it's always been because something got lost along the way and he's had to provide yet another copy of something.

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  • I'm really curious if this has to do with Benning & the paperwork there. We have all his jump logs (multiple copies, the copy machine is our best friend) and a lot of it is from Fort Benning and they are the ones who originally screwed up his paperwork and had him listed as AWOL. It's awful. I'm the sure the people at Bragg can fix it, they just haven't gotten around to it which is lame because he deserves to be paid for his job. If my employer ever did that to me, my first call would be to the labor board. Our friends in Hawaii just got $13,000 in backpay for BAH. It's really crappy that so many soldiers have to wait months and months and sometimes years for backpay and now they are talking about freezing the pay. Such a pain. Thank you all for your input! =)
    MC: Feb 24th, 2011
  • DH has had issues with this since he finished language school over 5 years ago. He has to test in his language once a year and his FLIP pay is based on his score. Well, finance always messes it up. They turn it off to early or too late, pay him too little, or don't pay it at all. This year he's owed 2000 for the last few months so far. He's staying on top of them and it looks like he'll get at least part of what is owed on his December check. Finance can be a pain sometimes. 
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  • One of the best ones is Adopting, marrying, adopting (stepdaughter), deploying, getting shot, returning from deployment, having twins, changing duty stations (CONUS), and changing duty stations again (OCONUS) all within a 9mo span.......I'm STILL not sure if I'm getting paid the right amount...and I confused the finance lady trying to explain the situation....
  • Here's a back pay nightmare for you.  DH started in the reserves in one branch and then wanted to go AD.  They told him no so he switched to another branch and went AD.  Apparently the day he went AD they should have been paying him like he already had 2 years of service for his reserves time but something got mixed up.  About 14 years later he found this out.  So every single paycheck he ever received was short.  Once the problem was discovered it took about a year and half for him to get paid at the correct rate and to get his back pay and he still has some questions about his bonuses. 

     He just kept going to his chain of command over and over again.  He also wrote a letter to his congressman.  He never actually sent it but it made him feel better to write it.  

  • Have him work through his chain of command.  It's amazing what a call from a 1st Sgt or CO will do.
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