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Moving out with a toddler

As I am starting to pack up and get ready to move next weekend, it's like it is sinking in that I am really doing this and this is final. I am completely fine with it, as far as my marriage goes. But I'm starting to worry about the confusion/impact this will have on DS.

H and I have separated before, but DS was only 5 months old so he had no idea. Now he is almost 2.5 and he is so smart, he will understand what's going on. Obviously not the details such as WHY we are moving, but I mean he will understand that now H and I have separate houses, he lives with me and not him, etc.  I'm just worried about how it is all going to affect him and I am feeling really guilty because I am taking him away from everything he is used to and I feel like I am ruining his life.

I know I am being irrational, and I know I'm making his life better in the long run, but I can't stop the worrying. Has anyone else gone through this with an older toddler? I feel like a move alone is stressful enough for them, and I'm adding the fact that his father will not be moving with us.


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Re: Moving out with a toddler

  • I haven't, but just wanted to send hugs and reassurance that you know what is best for him in the long run, even if it might be a difficult transition for a little while.
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  • I originally moved out of our house with DS when he was 18 months old... We then moved a year later to another apartment for cost purposes so then he was a year older... He did fine both times, but his dad was never around much to begin with so who knows if that's why... Good luck :)
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  • Well ours was a long distance move, so I framed it as 'we are going to live in a new house and be close to your old school and your old friends and see mom-mom and pop-pop all the time!  Daddy is going to stay in the new house so he can keep going to work and he will visit you whenever he can'.  They have never questioned anything.  They talk to him every night before bed and just know that this is where mommy and the dog and they live and daddy lives in the other house.
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