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Postpartum Depression

sleep deprivation vs ppd

I am on an every two hour nursing schedule, as per my pedi & lactation consultant's advice, at least until DS gains back some of her birth weight. I sleep as much as possible, even taking 30-60 mins in the afternoon if both kids sleep at the same time. The lack of sleep is effecting me.  I am crying pretty often, but not like nonstop or anything.  I had PPD last time but am trying to avoid going back on Celexa cuz I hated the withdrawal of weaning myself off.  But I also know it's tough to recognize the symptoms in yourself, so I have DH watching out for me too.  We both kind of think it's too soon to tell and meds might not even help at this point if the problem is lack of sleep.  Anyone have any insight or advice for me?
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Re: sleep deprivation vs ppd

  • Sleep deprivation does incredible things to a person's ability to cope with even the smallest things.  A good stretch of sleep would really help you, but since she's nursing every 2 hours and she's only a couple of weeks, I would give it another couple of weeks.

    All of that coupled with the hormones of pregnancy and breastfeeding.  Not to mention that I'm sure you're trying to keep up with your older one.  Its no wonder you're crying all the time.

    But I would say that if you do continue to talk about it with your doc.  There are some meds with less crappy side effects from weaning.  Don't worry about that right now, though.

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  • Sleep deprivation is so difficult, and does affect your physical and mental wellbeing tremendously. Continue to talk to your doctor, and continue to have both yourself and your DH assess your circumstances and mood.  Would your LO take a pumped bottle of milk from your DH so you can sleep through one night feeding?  Are you falling back asleep right away after your night feedings or having trouble getting back to sleep?
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  • With DS, I was able to kick the baby blues after three nights of uninterrupted sleep (DH did nighttime feedings w/expressed BM or formula).  It was AMAZING how that helped me- sleep deprivation is awful.

    With DD, that didn't work and I am now on Z.olft.  To be honest, I've never felt this in control of myself.  I've always had issues with anxiety and depression but it's so much worse when you aren't rested.

    I'd keep sleeping as much as you can and have DH feed her occasionally if possible.  Give it a few more weeks if you can.  Hang in there and good luck!

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