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This is your daily post from me to give you something to read.


I went to church and was song leader for the first time. Stressful but successful.

Thank goodness I set the phone to vibrate because my parents called during Mass.

Went to Target and spent more than I wanted to, but got some things we really need. Including hand lotion, which has become a must in this sucky weather.

I broke down and got a Snoopy Christmas musical thingy at Home Depot on the way home.

It's really hard to carry an organizational shelf and mulch in a dress and heeled boots

My DH is currently snoring on the sofa as we watch Philly get the snot beaten out of them.

The parents come back from their east coast sojourn around 6.


Re: Dip!

  • How fun that you got to be songleader!  I always admire people that can lead the worship.  I'm looking for a new church right now, and the worship team is always the first thing that will either draw me in or make me not want to go back.
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  • thank you! that sounds like an amazing day! i laid on my back, watched tv, read some magazines, talked to ocw, and nested. LOL
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