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Pre-e question

Hi ladies,

I have been in the hospital since Monday with Proteinuria and Pre-e (originally came into L & D for contractions and had a cerclage done at 22 weeks).  I understand the doctors are trying to buy time, and they have me on Procardia now with intentions of repeating the 24 hour urine collection tomorrow.  My first 24 hour urine showed my protein level at 1583.  Is there any way of knowing how quickly my protein might progress?  I believe they said 5000 is the "take babies out now" point.

They just ran a Group B Strep and took some blood today, and I will be having a growth scan on Monday.

Some of the doctors seem to be pushing for 34 weeks, but others seem to think I could go longer.  I just hate waiting around and not knowing.  What are the odds of me getting to go home versus staying here until delivery?  Thanks!

Re: Pre-e question

  • Man you've had a rough road! I know for me they said they would deliver at 3000, which I think is toward the low end of +3. I was admitted with barely +1 and made it 4 days on hospital bedrest before it progressed to severe pre-e and my levels were way above 3000. You've already made it past 4 days!

    I honestly think there is no way to know how it will progress. If you are responding well to procardia and the babies are growing well, I'm sure you can make it to 34-35. I've talked with women who made much more than a couple of weeks. I honestly wouldn't expect to go home though. I know it sucks. I do have to say though, when things went bad for me, it happened very quickly. Looking back I'm glad I was in the hospital already. 

     Good luck! 

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  • I had pre-e with DD I was diagnosed and within two days was in the hospital (migraines and vomiting). I know they were planning on keeping me until delivery. I ended up having her at 32.5 weeks. I had seizures before they ended up taking her out. I wouldn't expect too much with the coming home department... it is not very likely unless you have a drastic change or something in your condition. I hope for the best for you. I know it sucks to stay in the hospital.... GL! 

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  • My pre-e progressed super fast.  I would not expect to be coming home, especially if you are having twins.

    I'm sorry but I think you are looking at delivering soon. Bedrest can do wonders but yours is already super high.

     I was at a "trace" level on a friday afternoon and by early monday morning I was at over 500, it came out of nowwhere, I'm not sure what my level was when I delivered but They induced me at 35 weeks when I was vomiting and had the worst headache of my life.

    I made it 10 days from diagnosis to delivery, you can buy some time, but I would not expect too terribly much. I'm so sorry mama.

    I would talk to the preemie mama's, they can offer you some additional guidance!


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  • Wow, thank you all so much.  It is great to hear the truth from people who have been through it instead of docs and nurses sort of sugar coating it, you know?  I am so sorry you all had to be in this position as well.  Again, thanks for sharing your stories.  It makes me feel like I am not alone!


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