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School me on online dating please

I set up a account 12 hours ago and now I feel like I have no idea what the proper etiquette is with all this 'winking' and stuff.

 I have not dated in 14 years.  Yikes!

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Re: School me on online dating please

  • I use Plenty of Fish...for three reasons.

    1. It's free

    2. My inner bittch enjoys  telling people who email me to learn how to use proper English, punctuation, that they look like a serial killer, or hell is going to freeze over before I'd go on a date with them.

    3. Eventually you'll find a person or two worth talking to. I usually take it off the site, and we email/text/phone call each other back and forth for a week or two before meeting up. 

    Good luck :) 




  • I've used POF and I met maybe 6 guys from there and they were all duds. I deleted my account a few months ago, but I've been considering going back just for grins and giggles. I currently have a hotornot account and I've met a few guys from there, also duds, but that's just my luck.
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