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Hello Ladies

The other board I'm on is doing this and I was wondering if anyone would be interested!!

It's a holiday card exchange!!

Each participant will get 5 names.  Each participant should receive 5 cards from 5 different people and in turn, you'd mail out 5 cards (to 5 diff people).  Nothing expensive and they can be handmade or store bought, let?s not make this complicated!  If you want to include a favorite recipe (cookie, candy, drink, dip or whatever) feel free but it is NOT a requirement.

If you decide you want to do this send me a message to [email protected] and include your screen name, your full name and your mailing address.

I will start compiling the master mailing list this week.  I will this for 1 week and then send them out!s. 

Also, please let me know in your email, if you're willing to mail a card internationally (typically cheaper than a dollar for postage) AND if you celebrate Hanukkah rather than Christmas.

:-)  I'm posting on both SA boards to gain more interest!!  Happy holidays!!

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