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Frustrated with Dr (vent)

So I got a call last wed. to tell me that I had pre-e and was to go on bedrest and come in twice a week for NST's. Starting that day. So they said to come in and get my NST done. When I got there the Dr. came in and asked why didn't I go into L&D? I told him that the nurse who called told me to come into the office. Well he went on and on about how he wanted me in L&D because he really wanted me to be addmited. And this is after having only one high BP and one 24hr. collection.And I've only seen this dr. once for the GD test. And all of this before he even looked at the NST printout. Granted I have had pre-e before, but the day before Thanksgiving and in the hospital??? That is like torture. So I managed to talk him into getting a second oppinion from the on call doc. and he eventually let me just go home. But I had to go into L&D for an NST and Growth U/S yesterday because the office was closed. Well that took like 4hrs. and it was so ridiculous! No one in there even understood why I was in there. My Bp was only 133/80 and this is after walking around the entire building trying to figure out where I needed to be. There was no one in there who could tell me, being the day after Thanksgiving they were severly understaffed. I just don't get why they would have me do all of this being I'm supposed to take it easy, and they could have done all of this at the office on Monday. The doc. acts as if I wouldn't come in if I had any symptoms... I'm not stupid. I know what my body is doing and if I need to go in I would.

Anyways I just think that they are causing me more stress than needed. First he tells me I could end up staying for the rest of my pregnancy in the hospital and then sends me for routine tests that take four hours to complete! He has me totally freaked out... and it seems like it was for nothing. I mean I know that I have a history of pre-e but I'm only 20min. from the hospital 10 if I speed... I really think there is no need to be addmitting me when that will just stress me out more. UGH! Sorry I just needed to vent.

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