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Does anyone with GD check for ketones? I just started on wednesday and my results have been negative, except for this morning.  What does it really mean?  The dietician says you spill ketones when your body doesn't have enough glucose to burn and burns fat instead...but am I supposed to do something? Or will it just add to reasons why  I need insulin :( ?

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  • Negative and trace ketones are good.  My dietitian doesn't even worry if I have a small once in awhile, but she says they should never go into the moderate or high range, because that can harm your baby.  As long as you're eating all of your carbs, you should only ever see negative or trace.  And going on insulin will actually make your ketone levels higher.  It sounds like you're in great shape, so far!  Good luck!
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  • In addition to what the ladies above have said, I find that I generally spill ketones if I don't space out my eating enough. My diet plan from the nutritionist calls for me to eat six times a day (three meals and three snacks). If I skip a whole meal or if I skip two or more snacks, I tend to have small or moderate ketones, even if I've eaten a reasonable amount of calories that day.
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  • How often are you testing? I only test FMU and am always in the negative or trace category. The only time I had a moderate was when I had a very high protein dinner with virtually no carbs, and didn't have my snack after dinner. If you are testing FMU and getting small or moderate, I would take a look at what your nighttime snack is and moduify it, maybe adding some carbs?
  • I check for ketones every morning. But I'm also a Type II diabetic. Since I've started checking I've gotten two Moderate readings and the rest negative. My doctors told me not to worry about these at all. If I'm consistenly having high levels of ketones they would have to modify my diet and give me more carbs than I already have to take in.

     They made a big point about me not freaking out (maybe because they know me and how much of a control-freak I am :)) Monitoring is good. You're already way ahead of the game and if you start getting consistent highs - your doctors will probably just adjust your diet.

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