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pre-e mommas, what is your BP?

Mine has been higher still even being on meds, I was just wondering what your ladies BP usually is?  Mine has been 165/95ish for a few days but other than that I feel fine.  Back to the dr on Monday, he hasn't seemed worried, I am just hoping to keep LO inside for awhile longer.  =(
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Re: pre-e mommas, what is your BP?

  • Mine has been 150ish/ 85. I am going today for NST and growth u/s. They already wanted to stick me in the hospital on Wed. due to my previouse eclampsia and seizures... hopefully they let me come back home today. I have been feeling fine, so here is hoping!
  • My blood pressures have turned themselves around with bedrest, are you on bedrest? Your body really works wonders when you basically shut down and let it just run itself, I drink tons of water, and am hoping somehow they let me off of bedrest since my numbers have turned around, but I doubt that'll happen!
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  • Mine are now doing 140's/80's but if I get up and move around to go to the bathroom, let the dogs out, etc., they go up to the 150-160's over high 90's pretty quickly. The dr has changed my meds 4 times but I still can go up a few levels on what I take (I'm currently at 800mg and they can do up to 2400mg a day). My dr monitors my bp's that I take a few times a day and we adjust accordingly. It seems to take about 10 days for my body to get used to the meds so I don't think I'll max the dosage out since I have less than 30 days to go now.

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