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Induction turned med free birth story

Tabitha Campbell R_______s was born last Friday, the 19th at 7pm, 13 days late.  My painful, irregular contractions started Wednesday at 3pm, but I was examined Thursday morning and told it was prodromal labor and remained at a 2-3cm w/ no progress.  My induction appointment was confirmed for 41 weeks & 6 days, Friday.  But I could not stay at home waiting for my 9am induction because the pain was too much, so we arrived at 7am.  I had decided at that point that I could not withstand 7min+ apart contractions for any longer w/out an epi even though I had gone med free w/ DS.  His was a fast 8 hour, consistently progressive labor that began w/ water breaking @ home.

L&D was crazy that day and since I was still considered to be in early labor I got skipped over and left in triage till 3pm!  Still w/ same slow contractions, no pitocin, no epi.  Ouch! And annoying!  But kind of a blessing in disguise because when I finally got a room and they examined me at 4ish I was a 7-8 and baby's head was low enough that breaking my water might be all that was needed, no pitocin : ) So I am a good sport and let the MW student break my water.  No water comes out, and my contractions don't speed up, but hurt a little more.  Weird but they just figure the baby's head is blocking or something.  So by 6 the MW looks herslef & it turns out the student didn't quite break both membranes that are needed.  MW breaks my water correctly, and baby is here in 20 fast minutes!  I pushed for 10 minutes through maybe 4 contractions.  No stitches, no tearing. 

And I can't believe I had a baby girl- was Team Green!  Things are great, bf'ing seems to be going well this time.  w/ DS it was an epic fail and I pumped for 4 months! I just can't believe how different my two babies labors were!

Hope my story is encouraging to those Mamas wanting a natural birth and bummed about being late/impending induction- there's still time for your body to kick in!
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Re: Induction turned med free birth story

  • Congratulations on your baby girl and thanks for sharing!
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  • this is great to hear! thanks for sharing!
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  • imagefiasco:

    Hopemy story is encouraging to those Mamas wanting a natural birth andbummed about being late/impending induction- there's still time foryour body to kick in!

    It definitely is! Thanks for sharing :)

    & Congratulations!

    [Also, you look GORGEOUS in your siggy pic!] 

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