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Family Centered Care at GHS?

I've been reading online about some of the changes that they've been implementing at GHS- apparently mom/baby has been renamed and they're calling the newborn nursery the "respite nursery"- basically highly encouraging rooming-in, ect. (i think this is awesome!).

Anyway, I was just wondering if anybody has recently delivered there and could fill me in on any differences from a previous delivery, ect. I delivered my son there in Dec 08 and our future children will also be born there, so i'm looking forward to learning about changes there!

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Re: Family Centered Care at GHS?

  • I've spoken back and forth with the nurse manager a little.  She is very excited about the changes. 

    As a doula, I've only noticed changes in the cesarean recovery procedures.  In most cases now, babies are kept with mama in recovery rather than taken to the nursery.  I used to be so frustrated watching the dads stand outside the nursery glass waiting on the mama to get out of recovery or to be given a room so they could take their baby.  Sometimes it would take two or three hours.  So--yay for that.

    Most of my clients have unmedicated births with birth plans and of course, me--the doula.  I have not noticed any difference except that the nurses seem to think the birth ball equals miraculous labor tool.  Yeah, its nice but not all that!  These clients rarely allow their babies to go to the nursery anyway.  So--no difference there.  

    I hope families are truly feeling a change.  Yes

    And happy almost-two-years-old birthday to your little one!!

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  • Thanks for your response! I have seen you posting on MomsLikeMe and I would love to chat off the boards- I work at Easley Baptist now so I haven't been up to GHS mom/baby in a couple of years.

    I'm glad they're really pushing for moms to be with babies post c/s. are they letting anybody do skin/skin in the OR? I'm not sure if you've had much experience in the OR (a good thing, LOL).  I think it is great they're pushing for that immediate time in recovery- as you know most of the time before the baby sat in the warmer, blood sugar dropped, "had" to be supplemented, ect and it goes downhill with all that. Eh.

    I'm hoping for another LO in the next year and a half or so, and would love to have an unmedicated delivery but i have some bp issues that ended me up with an induction/epi but successful vaginal delivery with my son. So i'm keeping my fingers crossed it won't be like that next time with an induction.

    Anyway, I am going to PM you off the board to talk more about my current job stuff.


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  • Sounds great--look forward to talking more!

     I wanted to reply about the skin-to-skin post cesarean on the board in case anyone else wondered.

     I've had one mom who persuaded (with much jumping through hoops) her doctor to "let" her have immediate skin-to-skin after her cesarean.

    The two reasons given why she couldn't:

    1) The doctor couldn't pass the baby to someone who was not sterile because that would contaminate him and he had to go back to suturing.  Solution:  He passed baby to a sterile nurse who placed baby on mom's neck/upper chest.  Then this nurse was not able to go back to assisting surgeon.  Hassle for everyone.  But good for baby and mama.

    2)  The OR nurse had a REAL problem with this idea because "the operating room is too cold."  Um...right.  That is why mama wants to use skin-to-skin to regulate baby's temp.  :)  Hassle for everyone.  But good for baby and mama. 

    This was PIedmont OB.  This is the only time at GHS I've seen immediate skin-to-skin for a cesarean. 

  • My son was born Oct '09 by Csection at Greenville Memorial and I didn't see him until 3 hours after he was born :( I hope that these changes do happen! I am expecting our 2nd baby in August and hope to have a different experience this time!
  • I enjoyed both stays at GHS almost 3 years apart, but in different ways. I posted on momslikeme about this (in the post the nurse manager made a few months ago). Had to have c/s with both. Second one was much better as far as being with the baby. They let both my husband and baby into my recovery room. They were actually there waiting for me (they sent them out when my husband got a little scared over me basically passing out after I agreed to heavy pain meds since I was feeling a little too much). With DS1, I was alone for over an hour in recovery. I hated that.

    As far as our stay, both were just fine. I loved all nurses. They were always fine with either leaving baby in room or taking to nursery. Personally, I like sending baby to nursery at night (and bringing back for feedings). I need that time to recover and rest. Will have enough nighttimes with them when we go home is my philosophy! But both were with me all day and brought every 2 or 3 hours at night for nursing. 

    DS2 (born memorial day weekend this year) was jaundice and required a night in the "glow bed." They offered to bring the whole thing into our room. But I said no. One because it is huge. Two because it broke my heart seeing him in it! He only needed 12 hours in it and we went home on time. but if he needed another night there, they would have let me stay. They have a new program where as long as they have the room, a nursing mom can stay once she is released in the room if the baby needs to stay. Her room just becomes the "baby's" room. My nurse said most of these cases are for jaundice babies who just need an extra day or two.

  • This is AWESOME!!!! My last child was an emergency c-section due to his position. He was fine, but I hated not seeing him for a few hours. I will be having a repeat section in late June and I am so happy to hear they are letting babies stay with Mom in recovery!!
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  • SC doula- that is awesome! What doc was that from Piedmont? I go there, but hope to not have a c/s (vag delivery with my first fortunately). But glad to know that somebody got that!


    LMAO on the scrub nurse trying to make those crazy rules. Why couldn't they just have the OB put him on top of a sterile blanket and then go directly to mom? Dumb.


    Oh, and I'm a dork, and totally forgot to pm you.

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  • imagemakclair:

    SC doula- that is awesome! What doc was that from Piedmont?

    It was Moore.  He is also the only OB who has (on multiple occasions) allowed me to join the mama and papa for a cesarean.  It is so nice to have a doula in the room to stay with mom while dad follows baby.  Reassure mom when things feel uncertain.  And to take pictures so dad can focus on the experience.  

     Rules schmules. 

  • I love him! Lafitte was who delivered my son, but I loved seeing Dr. Moore the best. 
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