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I was thinking today about all the things I am thankful for since Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I realized that I am actually pretty thankful that I had a c/s.  I don't think my c/s was necessary and I don't think it needed to be as traumatic as it was, but I am glad that it happened that way because had it not, I wouldn't have ever picked up a book about birth (other than WTEWYE) and I would be completely uneducated about birth in general.  I would be scared of labor and birth and think it was some horrible thing that we have to suffer through in order to have a baby.  Instead, I look at labor and birth as a gift.  Am I crazy or does anyone else feel that way too?
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  • I am thankful for my c/s in a weird way too. Mine was very necessary to save my life. I had no choice. The experience humbled me. Even though it has been hard for me to deal with the trauma of it, it made me look at childbirth in a very different way. During pregnancy, I was a natural birther and back then, I had trouble understanding why any woman wouldn't care about how her baby was born or wouldn't at least want to try to go med free. I think that if I had had the natural birth of my hopes, I would be a lot more judgmental about childbirth.

    Instead, I really just hope all women get the birth of their choosing, whatever their choice is. I feel like my experience made me appreciate all the different ways babies come into the world and how special all of them are. No one way is superior. It was the one good thing to come from my emergency c/s. Well, that and DS. :)

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