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Being a worry wart but...

I just saw my high risk ob earlier today.  No more than 5 minutes after leaving his office, I started to experience pain (not terrible..more like non stop cramping) in what I think is my uterus and a little bit in my lower back.  Its lasted about 5-6 hours now.  I did take 2 tylenol but its not really any better.  I've had some twinges and a little bit of pain before but it usually only lasted a few minutes and then it went away.  Have you guys felt like this when you've had RLP?  
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Re: Being a worry wart but...

  • your dr might have shifted the baby's position. trust me the lower back pain is normal and it sounds like your uterus is just stretching... I have had the same thing along with my belly button feeling like someone is tugging on it. Dr yesterday told me this was all normal. also my sciatic is acting up off and on and the dr also said that was just from the baby getting a better position...

    try not to worry...


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  • Thanks...that's what I'm going to hope that it is.  I just get nervous because this is a lesser version of what I felt before my last m/c so any twinge or pain causes panic in me.  I'll keep positive and  Thanks again!
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  • i've been feeling a lot of pains too...especially in my lower back.  I figured out a lot of the back stuff was constipation related (i think).  Im just trying to go with the flow and not worry too much.

    don't be afraid to call your doctor though!!!


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  • My lower back hurts a lot. I do get RLP, but it never lasts that long. Definitely call your doctor if you're unsure. 
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  • Yes I started to get RLP earlier in my pregnancy the Dr said because I have a history of abdominal surgerys that I probably have scar tissue thats grown and when the uterus grows and moves is pulling away from the sides.. idk, I was very scared when I started experiencing this at 10 weeks, still bothers me a lot but I do know I had terrible scar tissue pains previously from a surgery which is why I had my last one they thought I had endometriosis because of scar tissue from my previous surgeries it had grown to my bowels and stomach which was previous pain so I can definently imagine that if you have past surgeries that could easily be the pain because its similar to when I had those problems before. Hope this made since and helped.
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