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OBs that delivery at Riverside?

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I would like to delivery at Riverside Methodist Hospital and am in search of an OB. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Re: OBs that delivery at Riverside?

  • I go to Kingsdale Gynecologic Associates, located on Lane Ave and in Powell on Sawmill.  I have many family and friends that go there as well.  They deliver at Riverside.
  • My OB is Dr. Patricia Teach with Northwest OB/GYN in Hilliard (near Mill Run).  I am 30 weeks pregnant and so far we think Dr. Teach is wonderful!
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  • I second the vote for Kingsdale OB/GYN.  I've been going there for years and have had several friends deliver multiple times with them. 
  • I will third Kingsdale. I love my OB and everyone there and just had a great experience delivering at Riverside.
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  • Women Physicians in OB/GYN has an office at Riverside as well as in Dublin and they deliver at Riverside.
  • Kingsdale. Most certainly.
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  • Dr. Stuart Jones, I love him! He delivers at Dublin and Riverside. He has offices in Dubin and Westerville. 


    I think he's on Fox news the first Monday of every month giving pregnancy tips. 

  • I too am for Kingsdale.  I see Dr. Shepard and things are going great :)
  • I go to Women Physicians in OBGYN (wpiobgyn.com).  I see Dr. Vanek and absolutely lover her.  Both my sister and sister-in-law had their babies delivered by this practice, both different doctors, and had a great experience.  They have an office in Dublin and another that is at the Hospital.
  • I also go to Kingsdale Gyn, and have for about 4 years. I really like the doctor (Copeland). We're TTC now, and I know that he delivers at Riverside. My aunt is a L&D nurse at Riverside, too ;-)
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