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Good friend on bedrest in the hospital - what to send?

My good friend from college has been on and off bedrest at home during her entire pregancy.  Tonight, she was admitted to the hospital until she delivers in early February.  It's going to be a LONG couple of months for her (especially since she's going to miss her shower, Thankgsiving, and Christmas at home)!  I really want to send her some kind of care package, but I'm not sure what to put in it!  I live over 5 hours away and won't be able to make it to see her for at least a couple of weeks!

If you were (or currently are) on bedrest in the hospital, what types of things did you enjoy getting (or wish that you got)?  Any suggestions?

Re: Good friend on bedrest in the hospital - what to send?

  • Hospital bedrest blows!!!

    I was loosing my mind when I was there.

    anyway, I would sent some snacks!!! Hospital food sucks! Maybe some gift cards for her to order in pizza or something every now and then.  A dvd set of her fav shows (my hospital had a dvd player, not sure if hers did).

    Maybe some fun traction socks (they make you wear them there), or a little robe, a book or handheld video game.

    hmmm Thats all I can think of. Maybe a book on a new hobby and the tools? i.e. knitting or something like that. 

    I'm due in february also and was facing hospital time until delivery, so I know how depressed she must be.

    Anything you send her would be super sweet! You're a great friend!

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  • I sent my girlfriend who is home on bedrest a care package of dvds that were "baby" related, ie: daddy day care, look who's talking, 9 months etc.  (Funny ones) and some movie snacks-microwave popcorn, junior mints.  I also got some soothing bubble bath and scented candle-something like lavender vanilla scent, supposed to be relaxing.  I know Bath and Body works carries lotion in that scent-aroma therapy.  I"m not sure if your friend would have access to a dvd player or not, but I thought it was afun gift!
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  • non-medical human contact! :) for me i look forward to the phone calls and emails most of all. My sister a several friends call daily. we dont always talk for a long time but i know that i will talk to someone besides my husband and nurses each day.

    As far as stuff goes...dvds, gossip mags like US and people, puzzle books, snacks and personal things like decorations for her room. My friend brought me a stuffed animal turkey to sit on my table that makes me smile. She said that in a few weeks she'll return with a few Christmas items.

    I've been on hospitalized bedrest since November 5th and will most likely be here until January as long as these babies can wait until then :)

    You are a good friend to be thinking of her...that alone will make her feel better.

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  • Pillow spray!  Bath and Body Works makes a good one - warm milk and honey.  I couldn't bear to sleep on those bleach-smelling linens night after night.
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  • When I was on BR in the hospital for a month, a friend sent me the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo trilogy. That lasted me about a week and was perfect.

  • I hope I am never in this situation but if I were, here are some things that I would want:

    Stuff to read like magazines and books, a journal with a fun pen to record my thoughts and feelings, snacks, a comfy robe, my own pillow, maybe a new pillowcase, a blanket - always cold in hospitals, a hand-held game like solitare, a stuffed animal.

    If she has her iPod with her, maybe send her some iTunes gift cards.  Her husband or other family member could download some new music for her.

    Christmas decorations would also be wonderful.  You could send her or even take with you when you go visit a small tree.  Before you go visit, ask if she wants you to pick up some Christmas cards and stamps and take her her address book.  If she is in the mood, she could write out all of her Christmas cards and someone could pick them up and send them for her.  Writing out cards always takes me forever - that would keep her busy for a little while.

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